A quippy slogan has galvanized the ‘ban cars movement’

It’s impossible to explain the crusade to reform the American transportation system with a quippy slogan. But a successful movement needs a catchy tagline, and some bike and transit activists have settled on “ban cars” as the t-shirt and sticker-worthy phrase to summarize their ideology. To the average car-dependent American, however, the rallying cry comes … Read more

Portland radio show hosts: ‘Jerk bikers’ deserve ‘clothesline wire’ for riding through parking lot

A trio of local sports radio show hosts has posted a video where they talk about how they’d like to seriously injure “jerk bikers.” The two men in the video are Isaac Ropp and Jason “Big Suke” Scukanec, hosts of Primetime with Isaac & Suke, which the station bills as, “Portland’s most popular sports talk … Read more