Industry Ticker: New ‘Atlas’ jacket from Showers Pass; Islabikes launches ‘cross tires for adults

New offerings from Portland-based Islabikes and Showerspass.

We love seeing local bike companies expand their product lines. It demonstrates that our bike economy is strong and that the spirit of innovation from our local bikey brain trust is alive and well.

Today we’ve got words and pictures of two new products now available from two Portland companies: Showers Pass and Islabikes USA.

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Industry Ticker: Showers Pass debuts “Cloudcover” waterproof bag line

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Two of the three models in the new Cloudcover line.(Photos: Showers Pass)
Two of the three models in the new Cloudcover line.
(Photos: Showers Pass)

First it was rain jackets, then a hydration system, then came gloves, device covers, baselayers, and an apparel line.

Now southeast Portland-based Showers Pass is rolling into the bag market with the release of the Cloudcover line.

The line includes three models: the Utility Backpack ($214), Transit Backpack ($264) and Refuge Duffel ($189). As you’d expect the bags keep water out thanks to a special fabric coating, fully welded seams and waterproof zippers. Another cool feature are the integrated and removable LED lights that slip into the sides and back of the bags to help you be seen by other road users.

Here are a few more images of the bags followed by the company’s press release:

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A roundup of Portland’s best bike-themed April Fools jokes

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New Seasons on Williams now offers complimentary bike valet service (with optional cuddling).

BikePortland doesn’t do April Fools jokes. We just don’t. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them and we’re certainly not above highlight them.

Portland did very well today with bike-themed April Fools pranks. Even a non-bike business got into the act. Check out our roundup below and if you came across other good ones today, feel free to share them in the comments.

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As it pours outside, take a trip to the headquarters of Showers Pass

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Showers Pass HQ

Front lobby of Showers Pass HQ in southeast Portland.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

This local business profile was written by BikePortland contributor Jessie Kwak. Her last piece was about how bicycles are helping a Portland man recover from a traumatic brain injury.

When I lived in Seattle, I didn’t own a rain jacket or an umbrella. The city may get a bad rap for rain, but the precipitation most often comes as a week-long drizzle, rather than the heavy rain showers I’ve become familiar with since moving to Portland. And with a particularly rainy winter in the forecast, you can bet I’m looking for a cycling rain jacket that can handle Portland downpours.

Enter Showers Pass.

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Industry Ticker: Showers Pass launches Double Century RTX jacket

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Women’s plum color on the left, men’s white on the right.
(Images: Showers Pass)_

Industry Ticker

Showers Pass, a riding apparel company based in southeast Portland, continues to push the boundary on innovative bike apparel that works in wet weather. Their latest is a jacket that packs up small and packs a high-tech rain-busting punch. I’ve got one to try out so stay tuned for a proper review.

For now, check out the press release below…

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