Portland celebrates opening of new Sellwood Bridge

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Sellwood Bridge opening celebration-17.jpg

New bridge on the left, old bridge on the right.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)

For the second time in less than a year Portlanders got the chance to celebrate the opening of a new bridge over the Willamette River.
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Sellwood bike shop, The Bike Commuter, closing doors after six years in business

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The Bike Commuter at SE 17th and Clatsop.

The Bike Commuter, a neighborhood bike shop that has served the Sellwood area since 2010, is closing its doors.

The Bike Commuter was a family-friendly, neighborhood bike shop owned by Eric and Naihma Deady. When it opened in January 2010, the shop was located at SE 13th and Umatilla on the main bikeway that took people from the Springwater on the Willamette to the Springwater Corridor.

10 months after opening, the shop moved a few doors down. Then in the summer of 2014, they made a major move into a much larger space at SE Clatsop and 17th. Along with more space the Deady’s aimed to make the store a “cycle lounge” with beer, music and community events.
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Far under budget, TriMet’s Orange Line may return tens of millions to federal government

Michael Andersen (Contributor) by on March 20th, 2015 at 11:46 am

Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People

TriMet has at least $34 million, and maybe much more, unspent within the project’s scope of work.
(Photo: TriMet)

Four years after the Portland area’s transit agency furiously chopped costs and recruited other local governments to balance the budget for its new $1.5 billion rail line, the price tag so far is turning out to be more like $1.3 billion.

Though a few remaining bills have yet to be paid, the combination of far more cost-efficient track and systems construction than expected and persistently low interest rates has been so large that TriMet has been searching for new ways to spend some of the unexpected surplus locally.

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Changes on SE 14th near Sellwood school improve bike access

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Bicycling is allowed in both directions, while driving is only allowed southbound.
(Photo: Matthew Arnold)

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New bike shop in Sellwood opens Friday

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Love the shadow.
(Photo: Eric Deady)

Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood is on a roll. Their new bike boulevard opened last month (although it’s not 100% done yet) and now a new bike shop, Bike Commuter, is set to open this Friday.

Bike Commuter is located at 8315 SE 13th Street, just south of Umatilla, which is the cut-through street for the popular Springwater Corridor Trail

The shop is owned by husband and wife team of Eric and Naihma Deady (pronounced Dee-dee). The Deadys live right around the corner from the shop with their two kids, ages 10 and five months. We caught Eric on the phone this morning between hanging photos and building up bikes in preparation for opening day.[Read more…]

PBOT explains rationale of new “channelizer” islands on Spokane bike boulevard

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Spokane St. Bike Blvd - by Adams Carroll-6

In our coverage of the new bike boulevard on Spokane Street in Sellwood many of you have shared questions and concerns about the new “channelizer” islands that have been installed. The islands are meant to channel motor vehicle and bike traffic into specific areas at intersections to avoid pinch-point conflicts, but several readers have said they don’t plan on using them and others say they actually increase danger for people on bicycles.

Here’s how one commenter responded to them:

These channelizers are wonderful until you hit one at night and crash your bike and break your ribs. Like I did. What the hell are they supposed to do? I’ve been using this street for years and nobody warned me that someone would be pouring twenty tons of concrete in my path.

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Update on progress of bike boulevard project in Sellwood

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Spokane St. Bike Blvd - by Adams Carroll-4

Detail of new “channelizing islands” recently
installed on SE Spokane St.
(Photos © Adams Carroll)

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation is just weeks away from unveiling one of the most important bike-related infrastructure projects in years. Their new bike boulevard on SE Spokane Street in Sellwood is the first of their “next generation” bike boulevards and the first of 60 miles of bike boulevards they have planned for completion between now and 2013.
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Sellwood neighborhood plans bike boulevard celebration

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PBOT has made major safety improvements
to this crossing (SE 13th and Spokane).
(Photo © J. Maus)

The Sellwood Bike Boulevard project is nearing completion and the neighborhood wants to celebrate. The Sellwood Moreland Improvement League (SMILE) will host a bike ride and party on Saturday December 19th to welcome the City’s first “next generation” bike boulevard.
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City brings bike boulevard plans to neighborhoods

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BTA Bike Boulevard Ride

City is rolling out public outreach
process for more bike boulevards.
(Photo © J. Maus)

The City of Portland is about to embark on a series of open houses to inform neighborhoods about their bike boulevard plans.

The Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is busy planning and designing 15 miles of new, low-traffic streets throughout the metro area. PBOT has planned two open houses for each of the six neighborhoods/districts where the bike boulevards are planned.

PBOT has already completed their public outreach process for the N. Wabash and SE Spokane bike boulevard projects and now they’re tackling the outreach component for projects on; NE Going, N Bryant, N Concord, SE Mill, SE Center, and SW Terwilliger/Westwood.[Read more…]

Hundreds march for a safe (and narrow) Sellwood Bridge

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Many kids and families turned out.
(Photo: Matthew Arnold)

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