Why are parking mandates bad? YIMBYtown panelists count the ways

On days two and three of the YIMBYtown conference at Portland State University, parking and land-use experts from across the country shared insights on how our national overabundance of car parking leads to bad outcomes for people who specialize in all kinds of city planning topics. And based on the boisterous (and productive!) conversations that … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

New magazine will cover “low-car life” in Portland

Michael Andersen gives us a sneak peek at Portland Afoot.(Photo © J. Maus) Former reporter with The Columbian newspaper, Michael Andersen, is set to launch Portland Afoot, a publication that will cover “low-car life” in Portland. Billed as “PDX’s 10-minute newsmagazine on buses, bikes and low-car life,” Andersen hopes his new endeavor will capture Portland’s … Read more