PBOT splits with Portland Police Bureau on crosswalk law enforcement program

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has ended a 15-year partnership with the Portland Police Bureau that centered around the enforcement of Oregon’s crosswalk law. Since 2005 PBOT has conducted “pedestrian crosswalk education and enforcement actions” with the PPB. But in recent years conversations around the enforcement of traffic laws and concerns about racial profiling by … Read more

Police make 46 stops in 5 hours during crosswalk enforcement missions on SE Foster, Hawthorne

What does it take for people to stop when someone’s trying to cross the road? How about being on a commercial corridor full of shops? Maybe crosswalks with median islands and flashing lights? Perhaps a pandemic that asks everyone to lighten the load of first responders and hospitals? How about the presence of police officers … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Police write 53 speeding citations in just two hours on Highway 26 near the Zoo

PPB officers camped out on Highway 26 up near the Oregon Zoo to catch speeders. Read their press release below for how that turned out… 53 CITATIONS ISSUED DURING A #VISIONZERO TRAFFIC SAFETY MISSION News Release from Portland Police Bureau Posted on FlashAlert: October 12th, 2016 3:04 PM Downloadable file: Vision_Zero.jpg On Tuesday October 11, … Read more

Cops cite 61 people in 4 hours at a single unmarked 82nd Ave crosswalk

The enforcement action was one of the few that the city has conducted at unmarked crosswalks.(Image: Google Street View) In Oregon and Washington as in many states, every corner is a legal crosswalk, and all vehicles are supposed to stop for someone trying to use it. But good luck getting people to stop for you … Read more