Thoughts on Portland’s bike movement; past, present, and future

“The fact is, Portland has largely built its bicycling infrastructure on non-controversial, inexpensive projects that squeeze bike facilities into current right-of-ways without inconveniencing drivers.”–Scott Cohen, PSU adjunct professor and member of the Multnomah County Bike/Ped Citizen’s Advisory Committee The other day I came across an interesting post on Scott Cohen’s Transportation History blog, and it … Read more

Flap over enforcement must lead to solutions

A scene from yesterday’s enforcement mission in Ladds Circle. Neighbors complained about bicyclists and the Police Bureau responded with motorcycle officers.Photo: Aaron Tarfman The recent enforcement mission in Ladds Circle has created a fervor of action and discussion. Twenty-four hours after the incident and comments are still coming in. Here’s a quick recap of what … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

A golden opportunity for Oregon cycling

Oregon has a golden opportunity to build two new velodromes, to further solidify our reputation as the premier state for cycling participation in the country, and to build lasting links between our elected officials and the one love we all share; bicycles. All that’s missing is your voice encouraging legislators in Salem to support the … Read more