Elly Blue: Street fee is for the public good

[This article was written by contributor Elly Blue. You can read more from Ms. Blue here.] “…gas stations, convenience stores, and oil suppliers…benefit more than most from having a road system in good repair.”–Elly Blue When it comes to road maintenance, what’s good for bicyclists is good for everyone. In fact, the proposed street fee … Read more

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Adams releases statement on funding initiative

Adams speaking with reporters after today’s meeting.(Photo © Jonathan Maus) City Commissioner Sam Adams has just emailed (and posted to his blog) a statement about the major turn his Safe, Sound, and Green Streets funding initiative took today: Dear Portlander, Today, at my request, city council referred the “Safe, Sound & Green Streets” program back … Read more

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Mayor Potter responds to BTA action alert

Adams (L) and Potter at this morning’s City Council meeting.(Photo © Jonathan Maus) Mayor Potter has issued a statement in response to the BTA’s action alert that explains his current stance on the Safe, Sound and Green Streets proposal. According to Mayor Potter’s public advocate Jeremy Van Keuren, their office has received 186 222 emails … Read more

Updated: Adams blames “corrosive special interests”, wants street fee on November ballot

[Updated: I’ve added full text of the statements made by Commissioner Adams, Mayor Potter, and the BTA’s Scott Bricker.] BTA’s Scott Bricker testified thismorning. Read the text of histestimony below. (Photo © Jonathan Maus) Commissioner Adams’ $464 million dollar “Safe, Sound, and Green” street maintenance and safety funding initiative went before Portland City Council this … Read more

Potter wants street fee on May ballot; BTA plans response

Mayor Tom Potter (in center)(BikePortland.org File Photo) In a not too surprising move, Mayor Potter has issued a memo (read it below) to his fellow Commissioners saying that he favors putting the “Safe, Sound, and Green Streets” funding plan back into a single ordinance (it’s currently split into three) and placing it on the ballot … Read more

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Street Fee update: Romain will seek repeal by initiative

According to a source inside City Hall, Oregon Petroleum Association lobbyist and architect of the Street Fee opposition Paul Romain will not attempt a referral of Commissioner Adams’ street maintenance funding plan. Instead, he is expected to attempt to repeal the plan using Portland’s initiative process. According to Portland City Code Section 2.04.090, Romain would … Read more

Street fee back to three; will Romain let it be?

City Council will hear the “Safe, Sound and Green” proposal again on Wednesday.(Photo: Jonathan Maus) As first reported by the Portland Mercury, Commissioner Leonard’s move to pull-back the recently passed “Safe, Sound, and Green Streets” funding plan has resulted in the package being, once again, split into three separate ordinances.

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Dozono Chimes in on “Safe Streets”

Mr. Dozono(Photo: ShoForMayor.com) Oregonian politics blogger Jeff Mapes asked mayoral hopeful Sho Dozono what he thinks of the “Safe, Sound, and Green Streets” funding plan crafted by City Commissioner (and Dozono’s political rival) Sam Adams. His answer seems to cement speculation about Dozono’s ties with the various lobbyists and special interests that oppose the fee-based … Read more

Could Leonard Move Kill Street Fee Referral Effort?

Commissioner Randy Leonard(Photo: Jonathan Maus) The maneuvering on both sides of the landmark “Safe, Sound, and Green Streets” transportation funding proposal has just taken another turn. Amy Ruiz of the Portland Mercury just reported that City Commissioner Randy Leonard has filed an objection to the recently passed proposal based on a section of the City … Read more

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BTA responds to referral effort: "This is a defining moment"

BTA Director Scott Bricker.(Photo: Jonathan Maus) The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) says they are “shocked and stunned” by the news that a group will attempt to refer the Safe, Sound, and Green Streets funding proposal to the ballot. Executive Director Scott Bricker says they have strongly supported the proposal — which includes over $25 million … Read more

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Who’s behind the street fee opposition?

The decision by a coalition of business groups and lobbyists to oppose Commissioner Adams’ Safe, Sound, and Green Streets transportation funding package (which passed City Council yesterday) has sent shockwaves through City Hall and bike advocacy groups in Portland. Given what’s at stake and who’s involved, this is without a doubt the most important transportation-related … Read more