My impression of the Electra Amsterdam

All photos by Jonathan Maus, unless otherwise noted. When I first saw the Electra Amsterdam in an ad in Bicycling Magazine I was stunned. Not just by the bike’s drop-dead gorgeous looks, but because of what the bike signified to the U.S. bike industry and American cycling in general. U.S. companies have long offered various … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Rare glimpse of a car-less Northwest Portland

[Car-less Northwest Portland.]Photo by Kate Gawf Portland blogger Kate Gawf recently snapped some photos of a rare occurrence in Northwest Portland; car-less streets. Thanks to the annual “Leaf Day” clean-up, all cars in the usually “parked-up” and densely populated neighborhood vanish for just a few hours. Here’s more from Kate, followed by another photo: