Special coverage of the 2007 Legislative Session

You can also read about the BTA’s legislative efforts on their website.


Blumenauer’s new ‘REC Act’ has huge upside for Mt. Hood, Gorge cycling

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Federal funding debate gets louder as decision approaches

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Non-police traffic camera bill passes Oregon Senate committee

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Bill to allow non-police staff to process traffic camera tickets passes Oregon House

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Oregon legislator will propose e-bike purchase incentive bill next session

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Hardesty to legislators: Police review of traffic camera citations ‘doesn’t make sense’

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Ridesharing bill would preempt Portland plans for driving fees

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Delivery driver fees, tolls, traffic cameras: A few legislative bills on our radar

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Advocates sound alarm as E-BIKE Act gets watered down on Capitol Hill

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‘All hands on deck’ moment to influence U.S. Senate on transportation bill

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