Ask BikePortland: Why can’t I take my Biketown bike on TriMet bus/MAX?

Today’s questions comes from reader Chris C. Chris was surprised when a TriMet operator told him he couldn’t put his Biketown bike on the bus rack. Here’s his question: “I learned from first-hand experience today that a TriMet bus will not allow a Biketown rental bike to be transported, because it is a Biketown bike. … Read more

Ask BikePortland: How can I connect with other riders in the time of COVID-19?

Are you feeling a bit lonely? You’re not the only one. These warm summer months are typically peak season for Portland’s cycling scene. But during a time when the coronavirus dominates hearts and minds, most events and races have been cancelled. Usually bustling bikeways are sparse. Events are the connective tissue of a healthy bike … Read more