Final plans set for new traffic signal on Hawthorne Bridge

New signal should help prevent this situation.
(Photo: Josh Chernoff/YouTube)

An awkward and dangerous intersection on the Hawthorne Bridge is set to get a major makeover. Portland City Council is expected to authorize an agreement between the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Multnomah County to build the Hawthorne Bridge Traffic Signal Improvement Project. (Project plans available in council ordinance PDF here.)

The signal will be located at the top of the on-ramp from northbound Naito Parkway that feeds onto the eastbound Hawthorne Bridge. If you’re one of the 3,000 or so daily bike riders who pedal through here from downtown to the central eastside, you know this intersection: It’s where drivers often illegally block the bike lane as they peek at oncoming traffic, forcing bicycle users to swerve around or wait until they move out of the way. Currently the intersection has a stop sign for drivers coming up from Naito and no stop sign for people using SW Madison.

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Here’s what you missed at the SW Naito project open house

Screengrab from a video released by PBOT last night of the changes proposed on SW Naito.

In case it’s not obvious yet, we think the SW Naito project being cooked up by the Bureau of Transportation is going to be a huge deal. If it turns out well, it could be the southern leg of a dedicated, protected bikeway that runs from SW Lincoln to the Steel Bridge. That would make it one of the highest profile bikeways in Portland.

If you didn’t make it to the first open house last night, I want to make sure you saw all the materials that were presented.

Check the flyover video of the entire project that PBOT has released:

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PBOT teases SW Naito project images ahead of open house

PBOT concept for new design of SW Naito south of Market Street.

As I shared last week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is about to launch a major project on SW Naito that will have a dramatic impact for bicycling connectivity downtown. The big open house is tonight (1/10) and there’s a lot of buzz around it already (Better Block PDX is making it their monthly meeting).

The star attraction at the open house will be concept drawings that give us a clearer view of what PBOT envisions for the new SW Naito. I haven’t seen all of the drawings yet (I don’t want to scoop the open house because that might discourage people from attending, although I will share them here as soon as they’re available), but PBOT has leaked a few of them out in the past few days.

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