In Roseburg, popularity of bicycling thwarts punitive police power grab

“Public hearing” or not; not all bike lanes are “safe and reasonable” to ride on.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) Earlier this month, police officers in the City of Roseburg tried to strengthen their authority to ticket people who do not ride in bike lanes. They thought they could sneak an agenda item through City Council and … Read more

In rare move, City of Roseburg looks to strengthen Oregon’s ‘mandatory sidepath’ law

Who says its “safe and reasonable” for bicycle use?(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) On August 13th, the City Council of Roseburg (about 170 miles south of Portland) will attempt to take a rare step toward strengthening the Oregon law mandating use of a bike lane (a.k.a. the mandatory sidepath law). That law, ORS 814.420, mandates that … Read more

League starts petition to stave off Senate sidepath stipulation

A sidepath in Beaverton. (Photo © J. Maus) Mandatory sidepath laws — which state that bikes must use a sidepath/bikeway when one is available — are the bane of bicycling advocates. They’re seen as a clear sign of disrespect and inequality on our roads. The fact that Oregon still has one was called out by … Read more

The BTA’s legislative wish list – UPDATED

Bringing control of speed limits to the local level is one law the BTA is considering.(Photo © J. Maus) At their Member Forum last week, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance shared a list of nine proposals they’re evaluating for the 2011 legislative session. Here’s their draft list of topics currently under consideration: Vehicular Homicide Local control … Read more

Oregon’s bike/ped coordinator responds to fourth-place ranking

“If I had $1000 dollars for every community that’s contacted me about their bike trails plan, I could fund an entire system.”— Sheila Lyons of ODOT Sheila Lyons, the bicycle and pedestrian program manager for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has responded to the League of American Bicyclist’s Bicycle Friendly State rankings that put … Read more

From Seattle: How we’re coping with fourth place

Now that the whole country thinks Oregon isn’t in the top-three best states to bike in, you might assume the Beaver State delegation here at Pro Walk/Pro Bike would be sulking and demanding a recount. Not exactly. When the League of American Bicyclist’s executive director Andy Clarke announced the rankings at a party at the … Read more