1967 National Road Championships were ‘Portland’s Finest Hour’

Cover of October 1967 American Cycling magazineshows the nation’s top racers at Alpenrose Velodrome.(Photos by Peter Hoffman) While many people think of only bike commuters and naked rides when the topic of cycling in Portland comes up, our city also has a proud tradition when it comes to racing. We shared a glimpse of that … Read more

A trip to the library and into Portland’s bike history

“Public streets are for the movement of people, not long-term storage of vehicles.”— from Bicycle Facilities for Portland: A Comprehensive Plan, 1974 A two-way cycle track at NE Glisan and 39th, a physically separated bikeway on SE 52nd, on-street parking removal to make room for bike traffic, painted crosswalks specifically for bikes (crossbikes?), a multi-use … Read more

Frans Pauwels: Founding Father of Portland Bicycle Racing

[This article was written by Kelly Dodd. It first appeared in the June 2010 issue of Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly magazine and is being published here with the author’s permission. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to share this historical account of a Portland bicycling pioneer, devoted advocate, and legendary bike racer.] Frans Pauwels … Read more