PBOT moves to find “immediate” solutions for N Broadway/Flint/Wheeler intersection

A meeting back in June helped highlight safety concerns at the intersection.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) It looks likes years of citizen activism might finally bear fruit. Yesterday, Betsy Reese — the co-owner of the Paramount Apartments situated on the peninsula formed by the intersection of N. Broadway, Flint, and Wheeler streets near I-5 — announced … Read more

Woman arrested after stop sign violation, question about ID

Broadway and Flint.(Photo © J. Maus) A woman was handcuffed and placed under arrest this morning after she was stopped for running the stop sign at NE Flint and Broadway when she asked the police officer if she was required to show identification. She was subsequently issued a citation and released. Jessica Jarratt, 37, the … Read more

Collisions prompt Water Bureau to seek bike safety solutions

(Photos: Jonathan Maus) Hoping to prevent a serious collision between their service trucks and bicyclists, the Portland Water Bureau is discussing ways to improve safety around their facility on N. Interstate Avenue. Concerns about bike safety bubbled up seven months ago when a bicyclist riding south on N. Flint Ave. collided with a Water Bureau … Read more