Woman arrested after stop sign violation, question about ID

Broadway and Flint.(Photo © J. Maus) A woman was handcuffed and placed under arrest this morning after she was stopped for running the stop sign at NE Flint and Broadway when she asked the police officer if she was required to show identification. She was subsequently issued a citation and released. Jessica Jarratt, 37, the … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

One hour, 22 citations at Clinton street stop sign (updated)

(Photo © J. Maus) The Portland Police Bureau sent three motorcycle cops to SE Clinton Street this morning to observe and enforce stop sign compliance at 34th and 21st Avenues. According to Traffic Division Lieutenant Bryan Parman, the “enforcement mission” (a.k.a. sting) came after his office received a complaint via email last week from a … Read more