Opinion: We can address ‘street takeovers’ with hostile infrastructure

Street racing, drifting and “takeovers” are revving up for summer. Last Sunday night hundreds of people and cars took over sections of streets throughout the city to show off their drifting and street racing skills. According to the Portland Police Bureau, groups took over seven different locations between 8:00 pm Sunday night and 1:00 am … Read more

Guest Opinion: How to Handcuff your Decision Makers, a Guide for Megaproject Managers

Note: This piece was submitted by a close observer of the Portland – Vancouver I-5 freeway project (a.k.a. Interstate Bridge Replacement Program) who asked to remain anonymous. Project managers, listen up! You’re reviving a mega-project that failed to secure funding a decade ago. Do you go back and re-examine the original assumptions? Absolutely not! You … Read more

Guest Opinion: Man who made $300 billion selling products subsidized by government says government should not subsidize anything anymore

There’s a Dutch saying that goes something like: “Government forced cars on us. Now we need the government to get rid of cars so then we can get rid of the government.” Last week, Elon Musk (who looked a lot like the villian from The Fifth Element) gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal … Read more