Storm response follow-up: City will release bike-specific survey

As these tracks show, many people still rode during December’s snow.(Photo © J. Maus) Earlier this month, the Mayor’s office released a storm response survey. The 15-question survey (it’s still online) asked citizens about their travel behavior during the storm and asked them to rate the city’s response. Every mode (transit, motor vehicles, pedestrians) was … Read more

Two years and counting; Master Plan update effort picks up steam

Master plan update project manager Ellen Vanderslice (committee co-chair Mia Birk in background).(Photos © J. Maus) It’s been nearly two years since the Bureau of Transportation kicked off an effort to update Portland’s Bicycle Master Plan. Since that time, the plan has gone through quite a few speed bumps. In April of 2007, just two … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

60,000 free bike maps: A look at Transportation Options’ survey results

The Options Division are the ones who deliver the SmartTrips packets to your door by bike.(Photos © J. Maus) The Transportation Options Division inside the Bureau of Transportation is a key piece of Portland’s success as a sustainable city. “Options” (as it’s known around here) is the marketing arm of the city’s transportation program and … Read more

Bike/ped bridge, cycletrack projects will be fast-tracked in City stimulus plan

Design drawing of Gibbs Street bike and pedestrian bridge, which has been fast-tracked by Mayor Adams to help Portland’s economy. Yesterday, the City of Portland announced a $503 million economic stimulus plan. Within that plan, is $52 million in Bureau of Transportation projects — several of which include bike-related facilities. Here is a brief summary … Read more

A closer look at bike boulevards in Mayor’s “First 100 Days” list

15 miles of Portland streets willget calmer, safer, and more enjoyable for bikes in the coming months.(Photo © J. Maus) At a subcommittee meeting before the monthly Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting in City Hall last night, the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Program Manager Mark Lear and Traffic Safety Specialist Greg Raisman outlined details … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Adams’ first 100 days as Mayor: Here’s what’s in store (updated)

He’ll need to be Super-Samto get all this stuff done.(Photo © J. Maus) Mayor Sam Adams has released his list of goals for his first 100 days in office. From the section on transportation, here are some things that pertain to bicycling: Develop a four-year strategic vision for Portland’s transportation investments and infrastructure 1. Appoint … Read more

An update on gravel in the bike lanes

Gravel on N. Interstate Ave. Photo taken yesterday (12/6).(Photo © J. Maus) Since the outset of what has become an epic Storm of 2008 (stories, photos), we wondered how the Bureau of Transportation would handle the perennial problem of gravel on the roadways — and especially the gravel that inevitably ends up all over the … Read more