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Weekend Event Guide: Gorge gravel, tandems, photo show, and more

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Gorge Roubaix - Saturday-30

The Dalles hosts three events this weekend.
(Photo J. Maus/BikePortland)

Welcome to your menu of weekend rides and events, lovingly brought to you by our friends at Hopworks Urban Brewery.

The weather looks to be great this and we just so happen to have a stellar line-up to choose from this weekend. Whether you want to roll en masse through the city or dust off your racing legs on some sweet Gorge gravel, there’s an event for you.

Check out the full listing below and have a good weekend!

Friday, March 27th

Western Bikeworks Tigard Grand Opening – 5:00 to 9:00 pm at 7295 SW Dartmouth Ave in Tigard[Read more…]

Weekend Event Guide: Gold sprints, road race, path surprises, and more

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Mt Hood view on Springwater-2

Get out and explore the Springwater Corridor path on Saturday.
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

Welcome to your menu of weekend rides and events, lovingly brought to you by our friends at Hopworks Urban Brewery.

What are your plans for the weekend? The weather looks like it will hold up and be just dandy for some bike riding.

If you don’t already have something planned, perhaps we can entice you to one of the rides below. Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

Friday, February 27th

Gold Sprints at Western Bike Works – 6:00 pm at the shop (1015 NW 17th)
Show up and show off your strength and spinning skills (or lack thereof) and enjoy prizes while hanging out at Western Bike Works’ Corsa Cafe. All you need is a good attitude and they’ll provide everything else. This will be good practice for the finals which will take place at their new Tigard location on March 27th. More info here (FB).
[Read more…]

Uber’s illegal Portland launch raises question: What if an Uber driver hits you?

Michael Andersen (Contributor) by on December 5th, 2014 at 6:58 pm

Riding Portland's urban highways-8

Uber inside?
(Photos: J.Maus/BikePortland)

If you get hit on a Portland street by a commercially operated vehicle, you don’t want it to be an UberX on its way to its next fare.

On the other hand, you’ll be better off than if you had been hit by one of many normal private cars.

As the ride-hailing mobile app unexpectedly lauched Friday night in defiance of a city where the possible penalties for operating an unlicensed taxi can include jail time (but are reportedly more likely to involve up to $2,250 in fines), it raised a side issue for other users of the city’s roads.

It’s one we discussed briefly in our September Q&A with Uber’s regional manager, but Friday’s development gives it fresh urgency.

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Pedalpalooza planner: 9 rides worth checking out for June 22-29

Michael Andersen (Contributor) by on June 21st, 2014 at 2:09 pm

Midnight Mystery Ride-3.jpg

It’s that time again … when you realize that Pedalpalooza is almost over for the year and you’d better savor its final week. Here are a few highlights of bike fun from the seven days to come.

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Lifestyle column: Observing, analyzing Portland’s stop sign culture

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Lifestyle columnist Cathy Hastie.

My friend, a recent transplant from the Midwest, was describing his 35-mile round trip bike commute during the misty quiet of the early mornings. He sets off in the dark, living his ideals, even on those days when he doesn’t really want to. His commitment put me in awe.

But what he wanted to talk about was stop signs.

“What do people here in Portland do?” he asked, eager to know. “At 4 a.m., when no one is around, do you stop?”

At first, I thought he was joking. Is there any place in the U.S. where people stop their bikes at stop signs at 4 in the morning when no one is around?

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A cold and windy commute: Did you ride?

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People on Bikes Ladd's Circle-39

Layer up and get out there!
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

Riding in the cold or the wind isn’t too bad; but put them together, throw on a good chance of significant snowfall, and some folks here in Portland start to think twice about riding their bike to work.
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Stop! Police will target Ladd Circle stop sign violators today

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Stop sign in Ladds

A stop sign at Ladd Circle.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

The Portland Police Bureau is all set to do a targeted enforcement mission at Ladd Circle today. The action comes after they received complaints from area residents about people rolling through the stop signs.

As regular readers of this site know, this issue has plagued road users in this southeast Portland neighborhood for many years. We first reported about police activities at these stop signs in April 2007. Since then, the lack of compliance and resulting frustration from neighbors who say they’re afraid to walk around the circle and from people who feel the enforcement is unfair and a poor use of police resources, has continued.

On Monday, we received a phone call from PPB Traffic Division Lieutenant Chris Davis. He said he plans to send several officers out for the mission. “We’ve been getting complaints again of people running stop signs out at Ladd Circle,” said Lt. Davis. “We’re having the same issues with bikes and cars running the stop signs.” Lt. Davis said now that school is back in session, the bureau’s biggest concern is the safety of people walking in the area.

We’ve heard from various police sources that the mission might occur this morning and this afternoon. [Read more…]

Tours will highlight Portland’s bike cultures, historic parks, and murals

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From bicycle culture tour flyer.
(Illustration by Shawn Granton)

If you are in love with bicycles, there’s simply no better city in the world to live in than Portland. Case in point are three upcoming bicycle tours — all happening on August 24th — that will showcase three things that many bike lovers cherish: our rich and diverse culture around bicycling, urban parks, and public art murals.

A tour developed by the non-profit Know Your City and held in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum’s Cyclepedia Exhibition, will introduce you to our vaunted bike culture. Dubbed, America’s Bicycle Capital: A tour of Portland’s Many Bike Cultures, the ride will leave from PAM at 10:00 am and visit sites and personalities that, “define our city’s bike culture — from bike advocacy to Zoobombers.” Guest speakers on the ride include: PBOT staffer Timo Forsberg (also a veteran volunteer with Shift); Ayleen Crotty, who edits and organizes many well-known bike events; Dingo Dizmal, the man who made the (now defunct) Alberta Clown House famous; and Rex Burkholder, a former Metro councilor who helped start the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. The tour is free and everyone is welcome.[Read more…]

Another right-hook on N Broadway

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The scene this morning.
(Photo courtesy Betsy Reese)

I hate to say it, but there has been yet another right-hook collision on N Broadway.

This morning at around 8:35 am, a woman driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser turned right off of Broadway onto N Ross Avenue and collided with a man riding his bicycle. The man on the bike was traveling west on Broadway toward the Broadway Bridge prior to the collision. The extent of his injuries are unknown, but I have confirmed the collision with the Portland Police Bureau and with two witnesses who saw the aftermath.
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‘Circle Century’ documents 660 lap, 100-mile ride around Ladd Circle

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Still from Circle Century.

Southeast Portland resident and hobbyist movie maker Merritt Raitt debuted a new film at Filmed by Bike over the weekend. Circle Century documents his attempt to ride 100 miles, non-stop around Ladd Circle.

Raitt, who lives just a few houses down from the circle, accomplished his feat back in August 2011 but his movie has just now been released to the public. I followed up with Merritt to ask him a bit more about what it was like to ride a 0.15 mile loop of a neighborhood street 660 times without any breaks.
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