Catie Gould (Contributor)

Catie Gould (Contributor)

Catie is co-chair of Bike Loud PDX and member of the PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee. She writes mostly about climate change and life as a volunteer activist.

BikePortland Articles by Catie Gould (Contributor)

Activist, who me?

Catie Gould is a BikePortland contributor and co-chair of Bike Loud PDX. ___ Activist is a loaded word. For years, when someone would call me an activist, I just shrugged it off. “I just go to a lot of public meetings,” I’d say. The word seemed too big for me. I was just interested in … Read more

Minding the (climate change) gap

Contributor Catie Gould is co-chair of Bike Loud PDX and is sort of obsessed with tracking climate change news. I had plenty to digest over the Thanksgiving holiday, including an important new progress report on the global battle against climate change. Last Tuesday the United Nations released its annual Emissions Gap Report. This annual report … Read more

Editorial: Accounting for our commitment to climate action

Yesterday Portland released an update on local carbon emissions. The results are troubling. With demonstrations planned tomorrow as part of the Global Climate Strike, I anticipate City Hall will put out a statement supporting the event and use the occasion to reaffirm Portland’s “commitment to climate change”. But just how committed are we? I’d say … Read more