Historic news footage of “klunking” MTB pioneers

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Gary “the Fish” Fisher circa late 1970s.
(Still from CBS Evening Magazine)

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, I just finished watching one of the most satisfying bike video clips I have ever seen.

Uploaded last month by YouTube user frenchjr25 (a self-described “TV history fanatic”), the segment — which was created to be aired on CBS Evening Magazine — recounts the sport of “Klunking” in Marin County, California and the famous “Repack” downhill races from the late 1970s. I’ve seen photos and read books of these exploits for years, but to see video footage and to hear interviews from the likes of Charlie Kelley and Gary Fisher from this long ago was a real treat.[Read more…]

‘Le Velo’: Cycling’s Macarena?

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Still from “Le Velo”.
-Watch it below-

Singer, songwriter and filmmaker Robin Moore is at it again with a video that just might spur a new bike party dance craze. He calls it a “Eurotrash/Bollywood extravaganza.”

The man (a.k.a. MC Spandex) who brought us the hilarious musical ode to roadie and fixie stereotypes “Performance” and then followed it up with another smash hit, “Get Dirty” which pokes fun at mountain bikers, just unveiled “Le Velo.”[Read more…]

Video from yesterday’s ‘Transport Your Activism’ Ride

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Yesterday, I featured an informative Pedalpalooza ride organized by a grassroots livable streets activism group called Active Right of Way (AROW). They led folks around to areas needing improvement, discussed possible solutions, and equipped them with the tools (literally) to implement them.

Local filmmaker and founder of Microcosm Publishing Joe Biel was on the ride and put together this video of the group in action:

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Best thing I’ve heard yet about the Gulf oil disaster

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[via The Rachel Maddow Show Blog]

Meet Malik Rahim, a former Black Panther and noted activist from Louisiana who’s training for a bike ride from Houma to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about environmental justice and the loss of wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico…
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“Always pass on the left,” urges new PSA

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Intersection 911 has released its third “Bikes Riding With Bikes” PSA video, this one instructing people to pass each other on the left, using the Steel Bridge and N Williams as examples.

The first video in this series focused on helping out other riders in distress, and the second also dealt with safe passing issues.

Portland Police release new bicycle traffic enforcement training video

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The Portland Police Bureau has just released a new internal training video meant to educate officers about bike-related traffic laws.

This is an internal training video for the Portland Police Bureau. It is narrated by Officer Robert Pickett, who serves as a liaison for bicycling issues, Bicycle Transportation Alliance advocate Michelle Poyourow, and a team of police officers who worked together to come up with the points in the video. The video is meant to educate officers, the two say, remind them of relevant laws, and “to advise officers’ discretion in bicycle enforcement situations.”[Read more…]

Safe passing in the spotlight in second “Bikes Riding with Bikes” PSA

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A few weeks ago we wrote about a series of educational videos being created by new local org Intersection 911.

The first video urged viewers to stop and help out people who have a flat tire or other mechanical problems.

The second video, released this week, urges viewers to pass on the left, and to exit the bike lane before passing a slower rider. Watch it here (or here for a larger image):

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Video: Through the drive-through, by bike

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A month ago, local eco-fast food chain Burgerville announced a new policy that would allow people to use bicycles in the drive-through lanes at all of their 30 something locations, after a woman was denied service on her bike broadcast the incident online.

Last Thursday they sealed the deal with a promotion at their Hawthorne location — anyone showing up by bike got a free blackberry milkshake with their purchase during a two hour window.

Joe Biel and I decided to head over there with his video camera to get some milkshakes, see how it worked, and talk with the officials on hand. Here’s the movie that resulted:

Drive Thru Mayhem from Joe Biel on Vimeo.

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Chicago police training video promotes bicycle safety, respect

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Streetsblog alerted us to this just-released training video for traffic enforcement officers in Chicago’s police department.

It’s worth watching — in about ten minutes, it even-handedly explains the laws that govern both driving and bicycling in Chicago, with the frame of increasing bicycling safety as much as possible, and promoting a culture of respect on the roads.

Traffic Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety from Chicago Bicycle Program on Vimeo.

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Vote now in the Drive Less. Save More. Video Challenge

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A screenshot from video “Dear Nana” by Guy Baker

“Drive Less. Save More.” is an awareness campaign sponsored by dozens of regional businesses and organizations whose collective goal is to reduce car trips in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The program provides the public with information about driving costs, transportation options, delivery services, and more.

The campaign’s latest promotion, the Drive Less. Save More. Video Challenge, solicited video entries for use as the campaign’s next television advertisement. Seventy-seven entries were submitted in two categories and the field has been narrowed by campaign judges to the five best in both General and Youth (under 17) categories.

Now it’s up to the public to decide the winners. Check out the ten contenders and vote on the ones you think do the best job of getting across the Drive Less message.[Read more…]