Video from yesterday’s ‘Transport Your Activism’ Ride

Yesterday, I featured an informative Pedalpalooza ride organized by a grassroots livable streets activism group called Active Right of Way (AROW). They led folks around to areas needing improvement, discussed possible solutions, and equipped them with the tools (literally) to implement them.

Local filmmaker and founder of Microcosm Publishing Joe Biel was on the ride and put together this video of the group in action:

I love it. AROW is just a handful of volunteers who saw a need for more livable streets activism in Portland so they decided to do something about it. Speaking of doing something, this video by Joe Biel is actually part of a larger project he’s working on: A documentary titled, Aftermass: A post-Critical Mass Portland. Joe has created a page on Kickstarter to share more about the project and raise a few bucks.

Joe Biel and AROW are just two parts of the growing activism ecosystem here in Portland.

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Ted Buehler
Ted Buehler
12 years ago

Joe — thanks for the fabulous video!

Ted Buehler

James Sherbondy
James Sherbondy
12 years ago

Good work guys! Sorry I missed such an informative ride.

As a rider who uses the B-side bridge daily, the radar on the cars was very helpful to me. I’ve often suspected almost nobody goes the speed limit. This is especially bad going Eastbound and needing to move over one lane to continue to Ankeny. I can easily maintain a 25 mph pace on the flat terrain and it’s downhill from the crest of the bridge to the intersection with MLK. And cars pass me like I’m not even moving. Very frustrating to me.

Don’t even get me started on the mess that is the Couch couplet. Did anybody actually look at the plans BEFORE the construction started?