‘Climate framework’ language for Interstate Bridge Replacement project is too weak, regional officials say

Will the Columbia River Crossing project’s multibillion dollar successor fully integrate climate change into its design and construction? Or will climate change merely be a box that is checked on the way to a wider I-5 that encourages more driving and more emissions? That question took center stage at the July meeting of the Interstate … Read more

Online open house and survey released for I-5 Bridge replacement project

The new effort to replace the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver is well underway. DOTs from Oregon and Washington are pouring money into an immense public outreach/PR campaign and planning process that is so slick it’s scary. Along with hosting lots of advisory committee meetings and splashing content across multiple social media channels, the … Read more

No bike groups are represented on I-5 Bridge Replacement project advisory committee

Wednesday evening is the first meeting of the community advisory group (CAG) for the I-5 Bridge Replacement program — the new effort from Washington and Oregon departments of transportation to improve the crossing of the Columbia River between Portland and Vancouver. It’s one of three advisory groups that will help the DOTs avoid the fate … Read more