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Election open thread: Chloe Eudaly or Mingus Mapps for City Council?

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(Source: Multnomah County Voter’s Guide)

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The fight over Metro’s moderate transportation measure

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Metro’s funding task force met 22 times between February 2019 and April 2020 to craft the package.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland)

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Metro candidate Mary Nolan’s record on freeway expansion projects

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“I trust ODOT to deliver the plan… They’ve made compromises. And I think we should move on.”
— Mary Nolan on I-5 Rose Quarter project (5/5/20)

Mary Nolan

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Election open thread: Chris Smith or Mary Nolan for Metro District 5?

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(Detail from official Voter’s Pamphlet)

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Transportation advocates rally around Commissioner Eudaly as challenger gains momentum

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Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly is in trouble.

As Willamette Week reported today, she’s well behind challenger Mingus Mapps in both polling and fundraising and there’s a very real possibility she won’t earn a second term on council.

This reality has set off alarm bells within Portland’s transportation reform circles. As the commissioner-in-charge of the transportation bureau, Eudaly has led several very popular initiatives. Most notably her office created the Rose Lane Project which has the stated goal of reducing commute times for people of color. Eudaly’s vision of streets as places for much more than just car and truck users is also evident in the Safe Streets Initiative, a major undertaking to make public right-of-way more accessible and safer for vulnerable road users and small business customers. [Read more…]

Q & A with east Portland transportation advocate and Oregon House candidate Ashton Simpson

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Dan Ryan wins seat on Portland City Council

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Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan earned a seat on Portland City Council by nabbing 51% of ballots cast in the race against Loretta Smith for position 2. Ryan has a lead of about 4,500 votes with just 3,474 uncounted ballots remaining. Ryan will fill Nick Fish’s seat when he moves into City Hall next month.

Ryan is a former Portland Public School board member, graduate of Roosevelt High School in St. Johns, member of many local advisory boards, and former executive director of education nonprofit All Hands Raised.

Before typing anything else, I want to say I dropped the ball on this race. I’m sorry. I regret not getting both candidates on record about cycling and transportation-related issues. In years past we could rely on those issues being part of the campaign dialogue and news cycle. But as transportation has fallen off the list of high-priority topics now dominated by police reform, homelessness, affordable housing, and other important issues; it’s our responsibility to raise the issue.

Now we have a new council member who’s gone largely unvetted when it comes to transportation policy. Ryan (like most candidates these days, unfortunately) doesn’t mention transportation on a list of “strategic priorities” on his website. At the transportation candidate forum held back in March, Ryan’s comments lacked substance and didn’t make it into our lengthy coverage. The only notable stance he’s taken publicly is to oppose ODOT’s I-5 Rose Quarter project, which he said is “Not OK” because it would lead to, “Spewing emissions on middle school kids,” and “Impinging on the Esplanade.”[Read more…]

Election recap: It’s still not over as key races are too close to call

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Did you see this coming?

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Candidates on Bikes Mayoral Edition: Teressa Raiford, Sarah Iannarone, and Ozzie Gonzalez

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Left to right: Teressa Raiford, Sarah Iannarone, Ozzie Gonzalez.
(Photos supplied by campaigns)

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Candidates on Bikes: Candace Avalos, Carmen Rubio and Tim DuBois

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Left to right: Candace Avalos, Carmen Rubio, Tim DuBois.
(Photos supplied by campaigns)

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