Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Update: Bike operator cited for running into bus in transit mall collision

Richard Krebs’ bike rests under the wheel of a TriMet bus after the collision on August 12th.(Photo: Bill Jackson) TriMet has released an update on the investigation of a collision involving a bus and a bike in downtown Portland on August 12th. TriMet Communications Director Mary Fetsch says that following a review by the Portland … Read more

Rush hour crash on Hawthorne Bridge raises questions about bike traffic

Traffic on the Hawthorne.(Photos © J. Maus) Traffic on the Hawthorne Bridge can be bad. And I don’t mean car traffic. Roger Geller, the city’s bicycle coordinator received an email from someone who witnessed a horrifying, nearly tragic crash on the Hawthorne Bridge during last Wednesday’s evening rush hour. The witness, who asked to remain … Read more