Product Review: Cool weather, USA made kit from Ornot

Socks, Bib shorts and jersey colourways sync up for a put together look.
(Photos: James Buckroyd)

Pretty psyched for a change of season, I ordered up some new gear.

I needed some new colder weather kit and wanted to try something different, so I grabbed a few things from Ornot, a smaller San Fransisco company that has been around for about four years. Ornot’s brand stuck in my mind from the play on words in their clever marketing campaign: “You can be a rolling billboard, Ornot.” The whole point being that their kit has no logos, no sponsors, no massive branding. In the cycling world we’ve all been subjected to logos everywhere on cycling kit — some tastefully done, some not. Browsing through the website you see an array of products all with minimal branding and really nice patterns and designs.

I ordered up some winter bib shorts, a winter jersey and socks for the full matchy-match look.

Here are my impressions…

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Gearing up for the rainy season: wool, knickers, and other urban cycling essentials

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

B. Spoke knickers in action
(Photo by B. Spoke Tailor)

Even with more sunny weather ahead of us in the forecast, it’s impossible to escape the impending reality of the rainy season. Cool, rainy mornings last week had us delving into the backs of our closets for pants, long sleeve shirts, even jackets. And of course, wool.

Last winter we sang the praises of wool as a winter riding fabric, for the chic utility rider as well as for the performance minded sporty cyclist.

It seems that the bike industry is starting to catch on.

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Your guide to the wool revolution

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward
Elly and her all-wool outfit-2

This is my most comfortable winter
biking outfit: wool tights, a wool
skirt, and a wool top.
(Photo � J. Maus)

As the urban cycling revolution continues, more people than ever are using bikes to take their kids to school, haul groceries, or go out for a night on the the town.

Thankfully, a quick scan of fashion in the bike lane reveals that the percentage of performance-minded clothing you see out there has declined.

Synthetic apparel, while awesome for some pursuits, isn’t always comfortable, classy, or good for the environment. Synthetics can also be expensive and they’re not always very durable. Cotton quickly becomes soggy if it’s raining or hot, and polyesters are a nightmare.

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