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Gearing up for the rainy season: wool, knickers, and other urban cycling essentials

B. Spoke knickers in action(Photo by B. Spoke Tailor) Even with more sunny weather ahead of us in the forecast, it’s impossible to escape the impending reality of the rainy season. Cool, rainy mornings last week had us delving into the backs of our closets for pants, long sleeve shirts, even jackets. And of course, … Read more

My City Bike: A stylish European ride, with kid (and two wheels) up front

Patrick Barber on his every day bike.“It’s a lot like driving a car.”(Photo © Elly Blue) [This is the second in a series of “My City Bike” interviews with Portlanders who ride bikes intended for urban transportation. This interview is with local graphic designer and bike fashion blogger Patrick Barber. This spring we posted a … Read more