2017 transportation package

Oregon’s $8 billion transportation bill promises ‘congestion relief’ by doubling down on highways

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Bike industry leaders oppose bike tax proposal amid push for alternatives

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The latest on Oregon’s bike tax proposal from Street Trust policy director Gerik Kransky

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Oregon transportation funding proposal includes 5% tax on new bicycles

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State eyes $131 million per year in new active transportation and safety funding

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A bike excise tax, losing the Lottery, and more Safe Routes: Our look at state transportation funding package

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Guest article: The Street Trust’s goals for the 2017 transportation funding package

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The skinny on the three Portland-area freeway projects in line for state funding

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TriMet lobbies for more freeways in a misguided ‘fix’ for Portland congestion

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The legislative session, The Street Trust, and you (a three-part series)

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