Online open house and survey released for I-5 Bridge replacement project

The new effort to replace the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver is well underway. DOTs from Oregon and Washington are pouring money into an immense public outreach/PR campaign and planning process that is so slick it’s scary. Along with hosting lots of advisory committee meetings and splashing content across multiple social media channels, the … Read more

TriMet wants to build protected intersections at three locations in east Portland

Staff working on TriMet’s Division Transit Project dropped a bit of a bombshell at the end of an advisory committee meeting earlier this week: They plan to build protected intersections at SE 122nd, 148th, and 162nd. Protected intersections are a big deal. They are considered the safest way to handle bicycle traffic at what’s typically … Read more

Here’s how we make southwest Portland better for biking and walking

If you care about making streets in southwest Portland better for biking and walking, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has just done you a huge favor. Yesterday the bureau released the draft version of the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) plan. It’s an impressive, detailed, and easy-to-use blueprint for activism that should lead to projects on … Read more