PBOT will break ground on East Burnside bus lane and new bike lane this week

This week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation begin work on the East Burnside Rose Lane project. This project is part of PBOT’s Central City in Motion (CCIM) plan to speed up transit and improve infrastructure for people biking and walking. A Rose Lane on east Burnside is being installed to improve transit times for TriMet¬†bus … Read more

Columbia Slough and Marine Drive path gaps to be filled with Metro bond funds

There were a lot of exciting Portland-area active transportation projects up for Metro funding through its 2025-2027 Regional Flexible Funds Allocation (RFFA) cycle, and not all of them were chosen. But Metro has other pots of money to dip into for regional projects, and they just announced how they’ll use $20 million from the 2019 … Read more

ODOT wins ‘diversity leadership’ award for I-5 Rose Quarter project

Interstate 5 through the Rose Quarter is a monument to the systemic racism that pervaded the Federal Highway Administration and their enablers at the Oregon Department of Transportation in the 1960s. The path of the freeway cut through the heart of Portland’s Black community like a “meat axe” and displaced hundreds of people. The loss … Read more

PBOT project has potential for parking-protected pedaling on NE Killingsworth

The City of Portland is gearing up to repave Northeast Killingsworth Street between 53rd and Cully Boulevard and parking-protected bike lanes are on the table. The project is similar to the Hawthorne Pave & Paint in that the transportation bureau (PBOT) is seizing an opportunity to redesign the roadway in conjunction with a planned paving … Read more

City will meet with neighbors about planned removal of tree and traffic circle

An unexpected meeting has been scheduled to take place tomorrow (Wednesday, September 14th) between the City of Portland and people who live around NE Tillamook and 7th Avenue. At issue is the tree and traffic circle in the middle of offset intersection that was scheduled to be removed as part of the Lloyd to Woodlawn … Read more

Just Crossing Alliance gains momentum for I-5 freeway fight at first fundraising party

There’s one vital ingredient needed to influence the debate around a multi-billion dollar effort to expand I-5 between Portland and Vancouver: Money. Last night in a shaded backyard in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood, well over 100 people gathered for a house party that raised thousands of dollars for the Just Crossing Alliance, an upstart coalition of … Read more

Portland Council votes to support ramp to the river and more space for biking on new Burnside Bridge

“I see the city’s role of making sure that we are walking our talk when it comes to climate mitigation.” – Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland city commissioner The City of Portland wants to make sure a new Burnside Bridge has a design that lets walkers and rollers easily access the Willamette River and that has … Read more