Portland-based Ride With GPS celebrates 15 years of route planning

Just a few of the many amazing places I’ve explored with confidence thanks to Ride With GPS.

The world’s best tool for planning and sharing bike routes online celebrates their 15th birthday this week. And yes, I am biased because the company that makes this tool — Ride With GPS — is based right here in Portland.

After I first met the co-founders of the company, wide-eyed Oregon State students Zach Ham and Cullen King, at the Oregon Bike Summit in 2010, I had a strong feeling they’d go on to do something great. Since posting the very first route on November 14th, 2007, Ride With GPS has evolved and improved their offerings and is now a dominant player in the crowded field of online route planning.

One reason Ride With GPS is still alive and well is because they consistently add new, useful features. Check out the images below for a before and after. Note how they’ve added detail and capability in the current version, yet the interface is still clean and accessible.

Nerd out fellow route planning friends!

As a user myself, I can vouch that it’s so full of cool features and is so simple to use, it actually inspires me to explore. There have been so many times when I plopped down into a new city and used the route search feature to find good bike routes near my hotel or house rental. I used Ride With GPS to map out all my Cycle Exploregon adventures and have saved many of my favorite routes on the BikePortland ambassador page. One of my favorite features are the turn-by-turn directions I can get on my phone. Hearing that voice while out on a big adventure ride in unknown territory is often such a huge comfort.

To celebrate their birthday, Ride With GPS is giving away one-year subscriptions to their Premium service offering. All you’ve got to do is follow them on Instagram and answer a trivia question. If you’re a fellow route-planning nerd, don’t miss this recent post on their website to learn more about how this product has evolved over the years.

Happy Birthday and a huge “thank you!” to the entire RWGPS team. Your product has given us so much joy over the years and we are proud to have you in Portland!


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2 months ago

I love ride with GPS and have used them quite a bit over the past 4-5 years. This past year I had an increase in rides where the tracking was off which results in a a straight line being mapped from where the tracking stopped to where it resumes and in ainterpolated speed. This gives me a top speed of 70 mph or so! Kind of fun, but I prefer the more accurate recording. Anyone else have this issue? Is than app issue or a phone issue? THese are routes that were previously fully recorded.

Chris I
Chris I
2 months ago
Reply to  maxD

I was about to ask the same thing. This is happening on 10-20% of the rides I track now. It’s not just you!

2 months ago

Didn’t know it was a PDX company… looks like I have one more reason to finally migrate over from Komoot.