BikePortland’s top stories of 2018

Before we dive into 2019, I thought it’d be fun to share our 10 most popular stories from last year.

Here they are, in order from least to most total pageviews…



“Cut in 2 seconds!” Is the Ottolock really that easy to snip?



Portland’s most prolific bike thief steals again, gets 25 months in prison



It’s silly season in Portland’s bike lanes: Please try to be nice about it



Out of cash and employees, Renovo calls it quits



Oaks Bottom project will close Springwater path for four months this summer



Colville-Andersen: “Portland is completely overrated as a bike city”




Corporate ties to assault rifles and NRA spark boycotts of Giro, Bell, CamelBak and Blackburn



Two Portland business owners think it’s OK to run people over with their cars



Police arrest three men after ‘boobytrap’ injures bicycle rider on I-205 path



Local bike shops come to terms with their industry’s ties to the NRA

Anything in this list surprise you?

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David Hampsten
David Hampsten
3 years ago

I’ve noticed on some stories you’ll do a single report, while on others there’s an accumulation of follow-up reports and/or calling out Comments of the Month related to a post (for example the I-205 boobytrap). On figuring out your top 10, do you base it upon the most popular single pages or upon an accumulation of related posts?

3 years ago

One noteworthy absence in the local cycling scene in 2018 was any movement with regards to the improvement of off-road cycling. I’m not blaming for a lack of coverage, of course. I’m just disappointed with the lack of improvement on trailbuilding aside from the great things happening at Gateway Green. There is so much low hanging fruit that could quickly and easily improve trail riding for a variety of skill levels across this city. I thought we might see change with Mr. Wheeler stepping into the scene. I’m getting less and less optimistic….

3 years ago

That would be a great second step (finally!) now that the MP is written. I realize there are more pressing priorities in the city, but it is so frustrating that there hasn’t been the smallest bit of change given the number of people who are willing to provide the labor and resources. We aren’t talking about doing something radical here. Hell, being allowed to add a fun mtb trail to Mt. Tabor or turn an existing mtb trail at Powell Butte into something more technically challenging seems like it should be a no brainer to get started.

I wear many hats
I wear many hats
3 years ago
Reply to  Brian

I too am missing the MTB progress. Been in River View lately? Signage is everywhere, but no Parks improvements to be had, and meanwhile we MTB’ers are still excluded from the property. The city won’t acquiesce to any trail riding on the West side in our lifetimes. What happened to the PORCMP? It looks like its shelved and buried, just like every other Portland plan, collecting dust until its too old to utilize. Meanwhile Portland Parks and RECREATION continues to use outdated and illogical trail maintenance practices that create more user conflict and erosion concerns than is necessary. Its not all lost however, the rampant influx of new Portlanders is full of people that are accustomed to sharing multi-use trails. Thus , the average trail grumpiness index I encounter is improving.

3 years ago

Id be curious to see the lineup for stories with the most comments. I suspect there would be some overlap with the page-view ranking here, but am curious about the divergence.

David Hampsten
David Hampsten
3 years ago
Reply to  9watts

Yes, this does prompt the question as to what degree BP is a newsblog (page-view) versus an editorial page (number of comments) versus a clearinghouse for advocacy (to what extent did stories prompt people to take action, protest, etc.)