Catching up with Ayleen Crotty of Filmed by Bike

Ayleen Crotty of Filmed by Bike
File photo: 4/11/07

You can’t go to far in Portland’s bike scene without running into Ayleen Crotty. She’s the spirit behind such beloved institutions as the Midnight Mystery Rides, the KBOO Bike Show, the Multnomah County Bike Fair and more.

And after this weekend she’ll be best known for her role in creating and promoting Filmed by Bike. Now in it’s fifth year, the fest has become a mainstay of the local scene and is gaining notoriety acclaim beyond Portland’s borders.

I caught up with Ayleen yesterday at her house in northeast Portland’s Woodlawn neighborhood, just before she biked off for an interview on OPB Radio.

The event has grown a lot in the last few years. How did it all start?

“Filmed by Bike started in 2003 when we were going to do the Multnomah County Bike Fair for the first time and we needed to raise money for permits. At that time Reverend Phil was doing some bike movies and we were starting to see other cities doing bike movies…and I just thought, what if we got them together? I worked at the CCC (Community Cycling Center) and we had some trick-riding videos, some Tour de France-type stuff, and I thought; let’s have a night when we put all that stuff on screen and hope we get a handful of people and who knows, maybe we’ll make a $100 bucks. Well, that first year I hoped for 40 people and we got 80 and the second year we moved to a bigger venue and every year we’ve doubled in size and every year we’ve sold out.”

I’ve heard this year you’ve got people coming from all over?

Filmed by Bike

Bob New and Timo Forsberg
at last year’s show.
File photo: 4/14/06

“Yep, Corvallis, Salem, Eugene, and two carloads from Vancouver (B.C) on Friday. And we always get a good crew from Seattle. There’s a nice Seattle/Filmed by Bike connection that goes on. Seattle really wants us to bring the festival up there, but I don’t know. The fest is not going on the road any time soon. That’s just too much work.”

What’s one film you’re particularly excited about this year?

“The kids from CAT (Center for Appropriate Transport) have made a movie about a group of teenagers and a kid named Will who makes freak bikes. They get together with these crazy bikes and ride to school, and all over town. They did a great job with their movie, the editing, everything is solid. They’re coming up for the all-ages show on Saturday. The best part about these kids is that they would not have made their movie if it weren’t for Filmed by Bike.”

I love that about your fest. It not only showcases bike movies, it encourages people to make them.

“Yes, definitely. There are lot’s of people out there making movies because they’re excited to get it in Filmed by Bike.”

The shows start Friday at Clinton Street Theater. Check out for all the details.

Unfortunately I can’t make it this year (I’ll be at the Oregon Bike Summit all weekend), so I hope some of you can fill me in on Monday.

Good luck Ayleen! And thanks for taking time to chat.

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15 years ago

that is some hot interviewin’ action. Thanks for keeping the bike video embers stoked ayeleen. Im sure this FBB will be another barn burner.

15 years ago


Filmed by bike is going to be great this year. Get there early because Friday will sell out. But don’t worry, the people you’ll be in line with are some of the raddest bike people in Portland. Meet a new friend. And this year we’ve added an additioanl two days to make sure everyone gets to see bike movies.

Bring your dollars and enter our raffle for the Electra Amsterdam, or enter online (you don’t even need to attend the festival to win). We’ve also got all sorts of other hot prizes like custom flasks and flask holsters from Ahearne Cycles.

See you Friday!

15 years ago

“quickly gaining notoriety beyond Portland’s borders”

Sorry Jonathan, it’s the old English teacher in me. Notoriety is a bad thing.

no·to·ri·e·ty (nō’tə-rī’ĭ-tē)
n. The quality or condition of being notorious; ill fame.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
15 years ago

my mistake. thanks for the lesson anonymous. I’ve edited the article.

15 years ago


15 years ago


Caught you on OPB last night. Great stuff!

Say, with the wee ‘uns and all, I can’t make it to the theatre. Any chance the festival will release a DVD of the films?

Alison Hill
15 years ago

Go, Ayleen!

I went to filmed by bike last year and was so amazed at the range of films, perspectives and enthusiasm!

Bikes symbolize so many things: freedom, creativity, community, individuality. This simple elegant tool is used to say so many things. I’m looking forward to this year. We’re going to try to make it back from the Bike Summit to see the Sunday evening show.

15 years ago

Hey Donald (and everyone else),

We sell a commemorative DVD through our website and at the event. There’s a special offer right now for pre-orders that ends tomorrow at 9am. Get em while they’re cheap!

15 years ago


RTFWS (read the freakin’ web site)



el timito
15 years ago

I’ve been to all the Filmed By Bikes so far, and I’m not so sure that “notariety” was an inappropriate word. The $10 pedal-powered smoothies that first year sure were tasty…

15 years ago

and the tendency for street reclamation is high

nice work volunteers and filmmakers… prime yourself for some sexy bike video action in June!

15 years ago

Notoriety? I’ll take it.

Thanks to everyone who came out! I already can’t wait for next year.