A chance for solidarity between bicycle and motorcycle riders?

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James Dubberly and his preferred modes of travel.

On June 11th Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 810 into law, adding moped and motorcycle users to the definition of “vulnerable user of a public way.” The idea of a vulnerable road user was first carved into Oregon law by bicycling advocates in 2007. It’s an important distinction because it triggers more severe consequences for people who drive carelessly and cause injuries (or death) to the most vulnerable people on our roads.

With bodies exposed to traffic, people who use roads on two wheels — motorized or not — face similar threats and consequences.

This week I was contacted by organizers of an event that aims to raise awareness of road safety for motorcycle, bicycle and scooter riders. Inspiration for the event comes from the May 16th crash that left Portland resident James Dubberly with severe injuries. Dubberly was riding his motorcycle on Sandy Boulevard when someone in a car made a sudden and illegal u-turn from a parking spot right in front of him.


With multiple broken bones Dubberly likely won’t walk for six months. If his rehab goes according to plan, he might ride a bicycle again by next spring. Yes, he also rides a bicycle. A friend of his shared with me via email that Dubberly has commuting by bike for over 30 years and has done Seattle-to-Portland several times.

Friends who know Dubberly from his fitness studio (he founded Whole Body Fitness in southeast Portland 13 years ago, but had to sell it to pay medical expenses) and from motorcycle riding have come together to help raise funds and support his recovery. “Help James Heal” is an event planned for July 25th at Paydirt (2724 NE Pacific St). It will be a chance to support Dubberly and make connections between motorcycle and bicycle riders.

It’s also got me wondering: Should bicycling advocates work more closely with motorcycle advocates? In what specific ways could we find common cause and partner on road safety issues?

This is also an opportunity to remember that every life on the road is important — and that people not encased in steel boxes deserve extra attention. We must drive cars and design streets with these inherent vulnerabilities at the top of our minds.

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Man riding motorcycle dies after collision with delivery truck at Williams and Monroe (updated)

Michael Andersen (Contributor) by on August 11th, 2015 at 2:45 pm

A man died early Tuesday, Portland police said, two days after a collision between a motorcycle he was riding and a Red Cross blood delivery truck turning left off of North Williams Avenue at Monroe Street.

It happened at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday on the corner just outside Urban Nest Realty, one block south of the Waypost and immediately west of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. According to a police statement on Tuesday, the man in the motorcycle had been trying to overtake the truck on the left, presumably by entering the bike lane, when the truck made a legal left turn.

This is to my knowledge the first traffic fatality on Williams since its late 2014 redesign that created a wide left-side bike lane and various crosswalk improvements, and restricted auto traffic on many blocks to a single lane.

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PPB arrest motorcycle operator for I-205 bike path collision

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Last night at just after 1:30 am I got a phone call about a “weird occurrence” on the on I-205 multi-use path just north of NE Glisan St on-ramp (map).

It turns out that someone on a motorcycle heading northbound somehow managed to end up on the adjacent path and struck a man who was riding his bike. Both people went to the hospital with what are being reported as non-serious injuries.

In that location, the I-205 path is only separated from the on-ramp by a concrete barrier wall (see aerial photo below). While bicycling through this intersection, I’ve often lamented at how awkward and unpleasant it is. It’s not clear how this actually happened. The police have yet to release a statement about it.[Read more…]

Man riding motorcycle collides with man riding bike on Hawthorne Bridge

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View looking westbound on Hawthorne Bridge.

The Portland Police Bureau are reporting that a collision occurred last night on the Hawthorne Bridge.

32-year-old Mark Landers was operating a motorcycle (with passenger Jocelyn Shirley) and was headed westbound when he lost control and struck the curb just before the start of the bridge. His motorcycle then jumped the curb and skidded onto the bike path, striking 21-year-old Ian Trout who was riding his bike westbound.

Trout and the passenger on the motorcycle were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
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Oregon ponders lane-splitting for motorcycles: What do you think?

Avatar by on November 16th, 2010 at 2:31 pm

A traffic sign from the U.K.
(Photo: ODOT)

The state of Oregon is looking for public feedback on an idea that could impact people who use bicycles. This Friday, the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety will meet in North Portland to discuss lane-splitting by motorcycles. Lane-sharing or lane-splitting would allow motorcycle operators to filter up through slower moving and/or stopped traffic by using unused roadway space. The practice is currently illegal in Oregon (as per ORS 814.240) and California is the only state in the U.S. where it has been legalized.
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