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Folding e-bike company ‘Conscious Commuter’ out of cash, ceases operations

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Concept drawing of the bike from the Conscious Commuter Facebook page.

Portland-based company Conscious Commuter has run out of money, ceased operations on December 16th, and is “in the process of winding up its affairs”. That news comes via an email sent to supporters by Gabriel Wartofsky, the company’s head designer and co-founder.

Conscious Commuter launched in June 2011 with plans to mass-produce a foldable electric bike in Portland. The concept was the marriage of Wartofsky’s design skills mixed with the entrepreneurial and business background of company President and CEO Bob Vander Woude. The company had been headquartered at One World Trade Center in downtown Portland.
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Pilot project will push potential of e-bikes as commute vehicles

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Image taken from Metro Regional Travel Options grant application.

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Conscious Commuter celebrates first batch of Portland-made frames

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The first frames off the production line.
(Photos: Conscious Commuter Corp.)

Last month we shared the story of Kinn Bikes, a new company that decided to make their frames right here in Portland. Now, another company has decided that Portland is the place to manufacture their bikes. Conscious Commuter Corporation, a company with offices downtown and in Los Angeles, just had a batch of 50 frames made at Zen Bicycle Manufacturing in North Portland.

We shared the launch of Conscious Commuter in June of 2011 and then caught up with them a few months later as they went public with their successful Kickstarter campaign (that raised over $25,000).

According to Bob Vander Woude, the company’s President and CEO, they were very close to producing the frames in China. “There were a lot of people in the industry telling us we had to manufacture in China or we wouldn’t be able to compete,” he told me via phone today. Vander Woude said they were all lined up for a trip to China to visit potential factories. “The more we thought about it,” he said, “It just really started resonating with our core principles,” Vander Woude said about the decision.

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Catching up with the Conscious Commuter folding e-bike

Avatar by on August 30th, 2011 at 11:26 am

First prototype of the Conscious Commuter folding e-bike. Designed — and going to be manufactured (most likely) — in Portland.

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‘Conscious Commuter’ folding e-bike company launches in Portland

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Prototype of the Conscious Commuter folding e-bike.
-Watch video below.-

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