Free Bicycles!

Bike Clark County has 5 tandems and 4 recumbent bikes for free! As-is condition but feel free to make a donation to our nonprofit. Questions? Email:

Advocating for a Climate Solution

[NOTE: This is a guest post from a BikePortland subscriber.] As Joe Biden mentioned during his speech at the DNC convention last month, we face four historic crises: a pandemic, a collapsed economy, a struggle for racial justice and a threat of climate disaster. While the first three of these are front of mind for … Read more

Kidical Mass PDX 2020 Planning Meeting

Help keep this Portland bike institution rolling! Kidical Mass PDX is entering its 10th year (wow!) and we’re looking to add to our small eager group of volunteer ride leaders as well as assign a new organizer or co-organizers to keep the finely-tuned KMPDX machine running smoothly.

Pedal On, Kittie Knox

Kittie Knox is surfacing again with welcome arms. Knox is a cyclist from Boston who lived in the late 1800s and died early at age 26. There are few facts and one might think she is a token to be bandied about. But this is not true. And thanks to Lorenz Finison who published The … Read more

Top Winter Tune-Ups for Portland Bike Commuters

This post was submitted by evo Portland, a BikePortland business subscriber. For the dedicated rider, bike commuting is a year-round affair. Sure, there are plenty of fair-weather commuters who hang up their bikes as soon as it starts to rain, but for those really committed to riding their bikes to work, there is no offseason. … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

I want a new traffic lane

I want a new traffic lane. I want a new traffic lane for my birthday. Well not my birthday, but it would be great to have new lane to celebrate the Oregon Bike Bill. The lanes I want are on the Abernathy Bridge for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, skateboarders, pedestrians and who are primarily human powered … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Grateful call-out to garbage truck driver

I wish I had bothered to notice what company’s truck they were driving. Heading north on SE 16th this morning, I was behind a garbage truck. I never want to be anywhere near a garbage truck for painfully good historical reasons. It pulled up to the intersection with Burnside, put on the right hand turn … Read more

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How not to design an intersection

Folks: This is not in Portland, but in Bellingham, but I want to point out the good news for you is that in the fourteen years I was in Portland, I have not seen anything as bad as this one. The location is Meridian and I/5 for those of you familiar with Bellingham, Washington.