Advocating for a Climate Solution

Francine leading a Pedalpalooza ride: Climate, Cycles and Creamsicles

[NOTE: This is a guest post from a BikePortland subscriber.]

As Joe Biden mentioned during his speech at the DNC convention last month, we face four historic crises: a pandemic, a collapsed economy, a struggle for racial justice and a threat of climate disaster. While the first three of these are front of mind for most of us, it is the last one that really keeps me up at night. Maybe that’s true for you as well? I suspect that climate change is never far from the bike community’s mind. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to start bringing down carbon emissions quickly and addressing the climate crisis: put a price on carbon.

Like many people in the biking community, I ride for many reasons, including convenience, health, community and fun. I started bike commuting more than 20 years ago because it was an easy, quick way to get to work. Then I started going on group weekend rides for camaraderie and exercise. To encourage others to rediscover the joy of biking, I was the Bike More Challenge co-captain at my workplace for over a decade. It was satisfying to help others get back into biking. I also led a Climate, Cycle and Creamsicles ride for Pedalpalooza.

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