Where should I ride while there is less car traffic?

I’m immune compromised and self-isolating for as long as I can afford to, and I am not getting out much, sitting too still for too long, and getting bored.

Yes, there are fewer cars on the road, but when I have gone out, I have encountered about the same number of aggressive drivers – I’m still blasting my horn about once per trip. When roads are emptier, that kind of driver is more inclined to barrel through stop signs. My cellmate is not feeling like the roads are any safer: he does not want to take advantage of what should be an opportunity.

We’re both slow, almost-paranoid, low-mileage riders, and usually insist on taking the lane because we insist on being seen. We live in inner SE. Where should we dare to ride?

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Alex Reedin
Alex Reedin
4 years ago

I don’t know if this would feel comfortable/safe to you, but during daylight/good visibility, this might be an opportunity to ride on the right lane of 4-lane roads with no bike facilities? For example, it might be fun to ride down Hawthorne and see all the stores that us bike people rarely see; etc.

For the same reason, maybe downtown?

At least on streets with multiple lanes going the same direction, the people driving aggressively have an obvious & non-threatening solution to how to get around the person biking slowly in front of them. And, people driving tend not to run stop signs on the cross streets.