Kidical Mass PDX 2020 Planning Meeting

Help keep this Portland bike institution rolling! Kidical Mass PDX is entering its 10th year (wow!) and we’re looking to add to our small eager group of volunteer ride leaders as well as assign a new organizer or co-organizers to keep the finely-tuned KMPDX machine running smoothly.

Kidical Mass PDX 2020 Planning Meeting
Around Portland Tours (1210 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214)
Monday, February 24, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Facebook event page
Kids welcome! However, no extra childcare will be on site.
Park your bike inside! (If you can fit through a doorway and get up the curb from the parking lot.)

Everyone is welcome at our annual planning meeting: returning ride leaders, former ride leaders, future ride leaders, leader-curious people, interested parties, community stakeholders, and friends of KMPDX.

1) Visioning: What do we want Kidical Mass to be in 2020 and beyond?
2) Collaboration: What groups should we reach out to and how can we work together?
3) Expanding: Should we add events beyond rides? (storytime, bike camping seminar, meetups)
4) Planning: What’s on our ride calendar and who can lead each ride?

Can’t make it to the meeting, but still want to be involved? That’s OK! We’ve got a Google group we’d love to add you to — just email us at

About Kidical Mass
Kidical Mass is a worldwide grassroots organization created to provide fun group bike rides for kids of all ages and their families. Our rides are designed for everyone — we love seeing familiar faces, but our routes and pace are also comfortable for families just starting out and biking on city streets for the first time. We encourage incorporating bicycling into our participants’ daily transportation choices…but if you’re just in it for the parade and chorus of bell ringing that’s OK, too!

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2 years ago

Love the Kidical mass idea. Ride on!