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Grateful call-out to garbage truck driver

Subscriber Post by mh on April 26th, 2019 at 10:41 am

I wish I had bothered to notice what company’s truck they were driving. Heading north on SE 16th this morning, I was behind a garbage truck. I never want to be anywhere near a garbage truck for painfully good historical reasons. It pulled up to the intersection with Burnside, put on the right hand turn signal and waited… and waited. I was a full truck length behind it, reading the large sign on the rear saying both verbally and graphically “vehicle makes wide turns.” Two bicyclists were less patient, and went around me to the right. One was not too foolish, as she was making a right turn.

The other tried to go around the truck, to the right. Directly into the turn the driver was trying to make. The driver stopped.

By the time I screamed at the oblivious bicyclist, she was across Burnside and out of hearing range. As often as I mutter “natural selection in action,” I really don’t want to be a witness to it. I’m shaking just thinking about it again.

I’m about to see what company has that area’s residential pickup and put in a commendation.

People, please don’t be stupid. Enough of us get killed while doing everything right.

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B. Carfree
B. Carfree

In a way, it’s sad that a truck driver doing what s/he should do (use mirrors, be aware of all potential incursions into the space one is about to attempt to occupy (no matter how stupid the incursion) and generally expect nonsense) is rare enough to be commendable. That said, I hope the driver gets the direct praise that is deserved for being a pro. Drivers with good habits can help tame our barbaric roads, imo.


They service my neighborhood. I love their slogan: “Satisfaction guaranteed or twice your garbage back”

esther 2
esther 2

If I encounter a bus or garbage truck I switch over to a parallel street unless I can get enough ahead of them so its not an issue. Jockeying with a garbage truck or bus isn’t any fun nor is it any fun for the bus or truck driver trying to avoid me as they make their frequent stops.