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Group cautions against CRC’s “carbon tire print”

The Coalition for a Livable Future is a Portland-based non-profit that works with over 90 separate organizations to “promote healthy and sustainable communities”. In the recent issue of their Connections Journal newsletter, CLF Policy Director Mara Gross pens a cautionary article about the impacts on greenhouse gas emissions inherent in the current plans for a … Read more

Columbia River Crossing forms bike and ped committee

[Cyclists navigate the I-5 Bridge] The Columbia River Crossing Project is rounding up bicycle and pedestrian advocates to sit on an advisory committee. Here’s the email invite: “You have been identified as a potential member of the Columbia River Crossing project’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. The committee will meet every four to six weeks … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Metro passes Columbia Crossing resolution

Opponents of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) Task Force’s plan to build a gargantuan, $2-6 billion new highway bridge claimed an important victory last night. Metro Councilors heard a steady stream of public testimony in support of two resolutions to study other alternatives that were put forth by Metro Councilors Rex Burkholder and Robert Liberty.

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Let's shift the dialogue on the Columbia Crossing project

The Columbia River Crossing project is moving into a crucial phase, and it’s headed in the wrong direction. A few weeks ago, I expressed concern about this project. Since then I’ve learned more and heard from many experts who share my concerns. It’s now clear to me that we need to do something to stop … Read more

Concerns about the Crossing

[Transportation activist and blogger Chris Smith questionsthe Crossing at a panel discussion on 1/4/07.] Last night at my neighborhood meeting I heard two strange presentations. They both had to do with billion dollar mega-projects that are intended to increase capacity on Interstate 5 and thereby decrease congestion. As I listened I couldn’t help but feel … Read more