The City of Tigard really wants you to try an e-bike

Screengrab from City of Tigard website.

There are a bunch of great events planned next month in Tigard as part of that city’s “Move 4 May” initiative, which they’re hosting in cahoots with their parks department and safe routes to school program. Among the events are several opportunities to test ride electric bikes.

It’s yet another illustration that local governments see the potential of e-bikes as replacements for car trips that can have a healthy impact on their cities.

Tigard has partnered with one of the biggest names in the business, Rad Power Bikes, to provide demo bikes that will be available for test rides. Portland-based retail shops Clever Cycles and Cynergy E-bikes will also be on hand with demos from other brands.

In addition to bikes, Tigard will have e-scooters from Bird and Lime on hand. It’s all part of a push to get more folks in Tigard to choose something other than a car for short trips.

Dave Roth, senior transportation planner for City of Tigard, says, “You don’t have to be immersed in the bike or transportation world to know there’s some serious buzz around e-bikes and other new types of micromobility. People, and not just bike people, are talking about e-bikes, and Tigard welcomes anyone and everyone who’s been curious to try these new travel options to join us in May.”


There will be five e-bike and scooter demo days:

  • May 7th – Tigard Heritage Trail
  • May 8th – Tigard Farmers Market
  • May 14th – Tigard Heritage Trail
  • May 15th – Tigard Farmers Market
  • May 22nd – Summerlake Park

Find out more about these demo days and other Move 4 May events at

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11 months ago

Maybe they should make biking around the area a little less terrifying? I’ve thought repeatedly about being completely car-free and buying just a regular bike, but seeing how people drive around here and that I’d be riding in bike gutters (at best) basically anywhere I went, I’ll stick to taking the bus, walking on sidewalks, or the MAX for local trips.

Physically-protected bike lanes–concrete curbs, not plastic sticks–or bust.

Pockets the Coyote
Pockets the Coyote
11 months ago
Reply to  Luke

Seconding, my cycling commute requires choosing between SW Barbur or taking Hall over 217 that points me to the notoriously terrible Garden Home/ Multnomah intersection. Neither are good options and although I used to commute through Northern Colorado blizzards, I cannot justify disregarding my safety to make the trip in anything other than crystal clear daytime weather conditions.

Edward Van Halen
11 months ago

Dave Lee Roth?

Evan Manvel
Evan Manvel
11 months ago

This is fabulous work.

Many curious folks may find it hard to arrange a test ride themselves (as local bike shops’ fleets vary). Particularly helpful to have a variety of brands.

As someone who’s had analysis paralysis when it’s come to E-bikes, I have to say.. good on Tigard!

11 months ago

For what it’s worth, as a recently laid off employee of radpowerbikes who was going to be involved in this series of events, I suggest anyone interested support the local bike shops and their brands during this event.