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New traffic signal (for bikes too) just installed at notorious Marine Drive intersection

Posted by on October 17th, 2019 at 12:47 pm

bike rider crosses with new signal. View is looking north at Columbia River from 122nd.
(Photo: PBOT)

One of the key components of the City of Portland’s effort to address safety issues on Marine Drive is now in place. The Bureau of Transportation announced today that their new traffic signal at NE 122nd is up and running. As recently as March there was a serious injury collision at this location, which used to have only a stop sign (on 122nd only) and a flashing light. In August 28th a woman died after being involved in a collision with a freight truck while trying to turn left at this intersection.

The new signal also includes a diagonal, bicycle-only phase aimed at people approaching from the southeast corner of the intersection with 122nd so they can connect to the westbound bike lane on Marine Drive.


The signal is part of a $1.6 million project between I-205 and 185th that includes new buffered bike lanes (112th to 185th), two flashing beacons (138th, 185th), and a new section of multi-use path (west of 185th). Marine Drive is designated on the city’s High Crash Network due to its history of speeding and crashes. For some reason people who use the road with cars often drive right over the edge, into the river.

Sadly, within minutes of PBOT posting their announcement of this new signal, we learned of yet another “roadway departure” crash:

Marine Drive has become a thoroughfare for drivers who mistake its good sight lines and long stretches without stop signs or signals as a reason to drive dangerously. One issue that makes more aggressive infrastructure changes difficult here is that Marine Drive sits atop a federally protected flood levee, so all projects must meet additional permit requirements before moving forward. We hope this signal (and all the other things PBOT is doing out there) helps shift the driving environment and allows Marine Drive to reach its potential as a vital part of our regional bicycling network.

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So now FedEx and UPS truck drivers will run a red light instead of failing to stop at a stop sign entering Marine! Does it come with a red light camera? Because I do feel like the speed cameras on Marine have had an effect on traffic speeds.

Christopher of Portland
Christopher of Portland

I’ve been waiting years for this to happen and, with the bike signal, it looks to be even better than I expected (I haven’t been through there since the signals came on). Turning left onto Marine Dr was a nightmare in a car so I never even bothered by bike. I’m guessing the no right on red will have the same horrendously low compliance as it does everywhere else in the city.


Besides the FedEX, UPS, and Amazon traffic on Marine Drive, this road way has also been increasing used to get around the traffic jam at the I-84/I-205 interchange which is usually gridlocked at peak traffic times (sometimes for miles). You can get on Marine Drive at Troutdale and make it all the way to the I-5 bridge over the Columbia with minimal traffic lights. The only thing that really stops the traffic flow is the numerous traffic accidents on this roadway.

The best thing for cyclists is to extend the bikeway the entire length of Marine Drive from I-5 to the Sandy River bridge at Troutdale. This will enhance all the work being done on the old historic Columbia River highway to the Dalles, which is going to become one of the best bikeways in the nation. All this being said, PBOT has been doing a decent job in moving toward this direction.

Toby Keith
Toby Keith

Better late than never! Now we are getting somewhere!


I love the picture of the one biker crossing Marine Drive. That is the first and last biker most anyone will see cross there. The cars stopping at the lights now can safely watch no one cross on a bike, ever. There are better ways to enjoy that area on bike and disrupting the flow of traffic really seems the only way to make bicyclists happy.

Traffic in Portland is bad enough already and getting worse with all of the poor designs stopping or slowing the flow of traffic. Most of the vehicles on the road have paid for that road. If you want to argue, add up the taxes bicyclists pay (only own a bike) and what the drivers are paying. Nuff’ Said bout that… Let’s cater to the folks paying the tab…

Most bicyclists own a car and most bikers are not commuting on Marine Drive on weekdays since there are better ways to get there. PBOT and Bike Portland have to understand that the roads are being used even when the bikes are not using them (while vehicles are using them). I understand the fact we need safe bike areas and until critical mass of more bikes than cars happens (that day is coming in 24 years, be patient) bikes need to appreciate what is given to them already and start being happy with what they have (just like being married).

No more frigging’ additional bike lanes, removing auto traffic lanes, additional lights, and the stupidity that goes along with the lib-tard mentality that only biking is the right way. I ride bike and appreciate the rhetoric yet the bike society has to be happy with what they have already. Otherwise we will have more rich people crashing their helicopters trying to avoid the stupidity of the bikers below.


If you don’t allow my post to be up there for comments how the hell are the bicyclists going to understand that behind the wheel of that car is another human that also is not happy at the bikers doing stupid stuff.

I do way more stupid stuff when riding bike on the road than when in my car. The difference is that I am surrounded by a car and I have to follow the rules of the road because there are laws that say I am to OBEY!

Put an area up on your site for bikers to read drivers comments as well. The whole story needs to be posted, not just one side.