Reader Photos of the Week: Hitching a ride by bike

Tall Bike Two-step

Catching a ride on a double-decker longtail tall bike.
(Photo by Greg Raisman)

Just as many Portland families are getting savvier about carrying kids by bike, it looks like we’re starting to get good at doubling up adults on bikes as well.

These illustrative photos were posted to the BikePortland Photographers pool on Flickr. If you have photos of people doing interesting things with bikes in the Portland area, feel free to add them to the pool.

Chauffering Mom at Portland Sunday Parkways

Esther Harlow takes her mom for a cruise around SE Sunday Parkways last weekend.
(Photo taken by D’Arby, posted by Flickr user Scrunchleface)

Esther Harlow writes of the above photo:

Portland opened many miles of streets to non-combustion powered traffic for the third of the 2009 Sunday Parkways in SE Portland. My family was visiting from California. I wanted to show them everything along the route, but my mom has mobility limitations. [I carried] my mom in a Blue Sky cargo trailer, kicking back in a lawn chair. She was very hesitant at first, and tried to refuse, but I held firm that she would enjoy the ride, so eventually she acquiesced and boarded my trailer. As I suspected, plenty of people agreed it was “the way to ride” — we got lots of jealous commentary….

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Elly Blue (Columnist)

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13 years ago

Oops, broken link under “BikePortland Photographers pool”? Anyway, nice article and I’m looking forward to seeing those pics. We had a great ride at last Sunday’s Parkways.

13 years ago

With her balance & circulation issues, I couldn’t see my mom being comfortable even on a super-balanced longtail like a Big Dummy or sitting on the ‘floor’ in a Bakfiets box, both of which I considered. Being able to use a chair definitely offers some of the same advantages to people who are used to riding in cars or who can sit upright but don’t have a lot of mobility or strength. Also I think being lower to the ground made her more comfortable than being higher up, like in a Pedicab (which she rode the day before).

Props to Timo for the idea & assistance with execution… (I have a similar setup but he brought his for us to use. Very kind!)

13 years ago

Sweet! I hadn’t seen another TallbikeXtracycle in Portland before!

Two great bikes that bike great together!

13 years ago
emily b. wings
13 years ago

pet peeve:
“double decker tall bike” is redundant.
that would make it a quad stack. 4 bike frames together.

only small children and the elderly call them “double deckers”. it sounds like a sandwich.

just ‘tall bike’ will be fine.
thank you 🙂

Erik Sandblom
13 years ago

The guy on the top photo looks like Yehuda Moon!