The creations of ‘Fiets of Strength’ builder Jake Ryder

Ryder uses his customers’ existing bikes to build his distinctive cargo creations.
(Photos: James Buckroyd)

You may have seen Jake Ryder’s creations via J_ryde on Instagram, ogled the cyclocross images he shoots as Sellwood Cycles’ official photog, or heard his name from a friend who is into Zoobomb or freak bikes. Either way, Jake is a multi-talented maker who has carved a niche based on his unique perspective on cycling.

I visited his shop in southeast Portland recently to learn a bit more about him.

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Get ready for ‘Freak Bike Fall’

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Freak Bike Fall poster
Larger version here
(Illustrated by Emily O’Connor)

Freak Bike Fall is Portland’s newest bike festival. Slated for October 17-19th, the event is being put together by Emily O’Connor, a Portland transplant who moved here from Michigan about a year ago.

Since coming to Portland, Emily has been active in the community. You might remember her as part of the victorious duo of “Team Dethwish” that won last February’s Ben Hurt Chariot Wars during Zoobomb’s Mini Bike Winter. She was also on the planning team for the recent Cycle Seen photo exhibitions.

For Freak Bike Fall, Emily has planned a slew of fun events including a Freak Bike Beauty Contest (to be judged by framebuilders Neal Fegan and Jordan Hufnagel), a bike building workshop, and lots more.

Below is an email interview I did with Emily for more about the event, freak bikes, and how she got involved in the bike scene:

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