City installs 20th on-street bike parking facility

new bike corral - SE 28th and Pine-9

Bike corral on SE 28th.
-Slideshow below/More images
(Photos © J. Maus)

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation completed the installation of another on-street bike parking corral last week.

This one — on SE 28th at Pine in front of Ken’s Artisan Pizza and Bamboo Sushi — is the 20th on-street bike parking facility installed by the City and one of three that have appeared in recent weeks on the SE 28th corridor (there is also a corral one block north at Ankeny and another on Glisan at 28th).

Check out more photos in the gallery or watch the slideshow below:

— Check out our previous coverage of bike parking in the archives.

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13 years ago

yay bike parking. hopefully this will make it easier to see the people that just walk out into the street mid-block w/o looking to get into their car on the other side of the street, at night. i swear, it happens all the time here!

Matt Picio
13 years ago

The corral design is getting better – I like the clear markings, the lack of yellow poles, and the cleaner look. It’s also notable that they saved a couple feet of space by angling the racks – that part of 20th has narrower parking spaces than the norm.

13 years ago

Good slideshow. What’s not shown in those pictures are how corwded the racks are on the nights when both restaurants are open (Tue-Sat). I’m suprpsied at how well-used the corral is already.

Ben Foote
13 years ago


It’s interesting to see that map fleshing out.

I’m curious where the next ones will go. Nob Hill? Clinton? Fremont? Kenton?

I’m hopeful of the day when commercial districts throughout the city have a baseline of bicycle parking facilities as a matter of course.

I’m curious if there any such requirements in place (or perhaps a coming standard in the works?) either from PDOT or from Sustainable Planning?

Thank you PDOT!

13 years ago

Oh man, I miss Portland soo much. That is my old neighborhood. I live in New York now and cyclists are definitely second class citizens here. Some officials are trying though.