Update on Holiday Bike Drive: Staffers monitor weather [Updated]

[UPDATE, 10:50am: Event organizers say due to harsh weather, the event is being cut short. They will finish helping families that are already there, and anyone on the way, but doors will close shortly.]

CCC Holiday Bike Drive-17.jpg

Bikes await kids at last year’s
Holiday Bike Drive.(Photo © J. Maus)

With an Arctic blast of snow and wind hitting Portland this morning, and with images of closed roads and stranded cars streaming on the local TV news, the Community Cycling Center is grappling with what the weather might mean for their Holiday Bike Drive.

Over 500 bikes and hundreds of volunteers are all ready to go at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in North Portland this morning. However, Community Cycling Center communications director Alison Hill-Graves says a few families have already called to say they’re staying home.

I called her this morning for an update. Hill-Graves said the first shift of volunteers are all ready to go and that, as of now, they’re moving forward with the event as planned.

CCC Holiday Bike Drive-1.jpg

Alison Hill-Graves at the 2007 event.

“We’ve had a few families call and say they can’t make it, and we’re telling everyone, if it’s too dangerous to come, please stay at home.” Hill-Graves said they’re monitoring the weather closely and they’ll update a special page on their website with the latest information.

If the weather gets worse, Hill-Graves says they would try to reschedule. But that wouldn’t be easy, says Hill-Graves; “It would be really tough to redo this event. We could have people schedule pick-ups from our bike shop and various locations, if it came down to that.”

Hill-Graves sounded hopeful that the harsh weather would subside in the next few hours. “If kids and families come, we will be here for them.”

If you’re scheduled to volunteer at the event or if you’re one of the families slated to receive a free bike, check the CCC’s website and call the CCC Bike Shop at (503) 287-8786 for the latest information.

If any major scheduling changes take place, I’ll update this post with the latest information.

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13 years ago

Jonathan you’re a rockstar, thanks for keeping us updated.

13 years ago

PS: That would be arCtic not artic.

Your friendly crazy Canuck who thinks this snow is nothing..

13 years ago

Even with a smaller turnout, I think the HBD was a huge success for the kids that were there. I’ve posted some photos from today on flickr:

It’s such an amazing event, the weather just can’t keep it down.

13 years ago

thanks for posting the pics… I was scheduled for the 1pm shift so didn’t even make it out the door :-(. this is my favorite event of the year