Springwater Corridor Bridge closes due to high water

This just in from Portland Parks & Recreation:

SE Circle Avenue Bridge on Springwater Corridor closed due to flood damage

(Portland, OR) – High water caused by the recent heavy rains has compromised the structure of the bridge at SE Circle Avenue along the Springwater Corridor in East Portland. Portland Parks & Recreation has closed the bridge as of Thursday, December 6. The closure is expected to remain in effect until repairs are undertaken.

All vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and horses will be detoured to SE Circle Avenue from SE Jennie Road to the Circle Avenue crossing west of the bridge. Circle Avenue is a low traffic local residential street and is at the same elevation as the Springwater Corridor. This detour will add an additional 1,000 feet to the length of any commute through the area.

They sent along this photo of the bridge:

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Dan Burton
Dan Burton
15 years ago

Wondered what was up with the closure, thought it might be the bridge.
Thanks for th info.

Options Guy
15 years ago

I wondered where this was, exactly, being unfamiliar with that end of the Springwater. The friendly folks at Portland Parks clarified:
\”about .4 of a mile west of SE 174th/Jenne Rd\”