New class might mean more enforcement

riding along with Officer Hoesly

What red light?

Just a word of caution… this Wednesday (3/14) is the inaugural “Share the Road Safety Class.” This is the diversion class hosted by Trauma Nurses Talk Tough, that was recently made official and has been in the works since last June.

It was set up to educate cyclists (and others) about traffic laws and offer a way to have some bicycle-related citations dismissed.

I give caution, because Traffic Division officers are also aware of this class and they just might feel more inclined to seek and cite bicyclists who break the law.

So watch yourself, especially in hot spots like Ankeny and Salmon in southeast, the approach to the Broadway Bridge in northeast, and the west side of the Hawthorne Bridge.

Download the official class flyer (1.4mb PDF) for full details and a list of violations that are eligible for the class.

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15 years ago

so if a car driver is cited for an incident involving a bicycle, can they take the class?

seems like they need education about proper bicycle riding just as much as some cyclists do…

15 years ago

T-Rex – yes, it is my understanding that the class will be open to motorists who have been cited for infractions of laws related to cyclists and pedestrians.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
15 years ago


yes. the class is for motor vehicle drivers, bicycle drivers, and pedestrians.

I just updated the post with the official class flyer that has the complete list of eligible violations and other information.

here’s the pdf (1.4MB)

15 years ago

Jon, sine you are gone, I would love Elly Blue to take the class and report back.

I think she would be more than fair, and not at all likely to be caught breaking laws on the way there.

Lev Tsypin
Lev Tsypin
15 years ago

I actually have the pleasure of attending the inaugural class. I was pulled over near the Lucky Lab for running the light at SE 7th and Hawthorne – and it was 10 PM with no cars in sight! The ticket was $240 and I have a lawyer friend who helped me out and enrolled me in the class in exchange for dropping the violation. I’ll be happy to give a report later this week …