Let the Mini-Bike Winter games begin…

[Skate Bomb!]

[This coverage of Mini-Bike Winter IV comes from our special correspondent Mykle Hansen]

Let the games begin!

Mini-Bike Winter got off to an explosive start last night when a parade of nearly 150 brightly lit bikers — including several dozen visitors from Canada, Seattle and California, and quite a few first-time bombers — zigzagged on the Lit Ride from the NE Alberta arts district to the Zoobomb pile downtown.

Mini-Bike Winter got off to a rousing start last night.]
Photo courtesy Mykle Hansen

Police observed but did not attempt to stop the mayhem, which featured flaming torches, flares, el-wire and spontaneous nudity, as well as free bike lights handed out by Jeff Bernards. Documentary filmmakers and energy drinks also proved plentiful throughout the ride and on into the evening.

[Badass Challenge winnter
Scott Nowicki.]
Photo courtesy Mykle Hansen

The competition began at the pyle with the the first-ever “Badass Challenge.” Ten contestants raced their minibikes in a non-traditional uphill direction, from the pyle to the top of Washington Park.

First time bomber Scott Nowicki was the surprise victor, followed by “Mechanic” Mark and “Evil” Elicia Cardenas.

After the awards ceremony and ritual spankings, a crew of bombers corked the downhill route to pause traffic long enough for our skateboarding brethren to race the Skate Bomb in relative safety.

Robin McGuirk took first place of seven in this tough-fought longboarding contest. The Twelve Bomb, open only to bikes with 12″ or smaller wheels, proceeded immediately afterwards, with Corey Gold taking first place in a field of three.

When I left Washington Park, the crowd was still amped on adrenaline and caffeinated malt liquor. But they’ll need to rest up if they want to make it to tomorrow morning’s potluck brunch at NE Interstate & Tillamook, followed by Chariot Wars at an undisclosed, post-apocalyptic location!

Mini-Bike Winter IV:

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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17 years ago

I don’t think Scott Nowicki was a first time bomber. I’ve seen him up on the hill before.

17 years ago

yeah, he raced the kitten back during the sprockettes invite, too. Ah well, I bombed for 1 1/2 years before anyone remembered me… 😛