It’s official: Portland gets Dutch bike distributor

Posted by on November 9th, 2006 at 9:29 am

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[Dean Mullin of Clever
Cycles demonstrates
his bakfiets.]

I have just confirmed that the Dutch Bicycle Company — a Florida-based importer of bakfiets and Dutch city bikes — has named a Portland distributor.

According to Dutch Bicycle Company owner Dan Sorger, Northeast Portland resident Dean Mullin will represent the complete range of Dutch city bikes offered by his company through his newly established business, Clever Cycles.

On a side note, I can’t help but notice that Clever Cycles is similar to Cleverchimp, the local business of Todd Fahrner and his Stokemonkey electric assist product.

Todd and Dean recently collaborated on an Stokemonkey-equipped bakfiets and I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing more out of their partnership soon.

This announcement follows a steady stream of Dutch bicycle news and further validates my hunch that 2007 will bring a Dutch bike invasion to the U.S. Consider the following recent developments:

All this recent news, together with the recent shift in American politics towards more progressive thinking about livability and transportation issues, sets the stage in making 2007 a banner year for bikes in this country. Stay tuned and hold on…

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Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts

I can’t wait to buy one! Now I just need to start saving up, since they cost as much as a small car…but it’ll be worth it.

Now who’s going to underwrite my theft, PIP & UM/UIM insurance on this puppy?

Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts

Oh, by “one” I meant a Bakfiets.


So, will Dean have a selection of these bikes on hand for test rides? That would be a good way to convince folks that the 3- and 7-speed hubs are sufficient to drive the heavier frames up Portland hills even with the more upright riding stance.

Richard Wilson

Jessica – the Kryptonite New York lock I use with my Bakfiets has $3000 anti-theft protection. I hope they’re good for it if it ever comes to that… Can’t help you with the PIP/UM/UIM 😉

Ian – my Cargobike has an 8 speed Nexus hub which is pretty decent for most purposes in NE/SE/downtown. I find that I’m not spending much time below 3rd gear on hills like Alameda ridge or east of the Broadway bridge. Haven’t ridden to the zoo or OHSU yet, so I can’t speak to bigger hills. Rarely if ever do I “spin-out” in 8th gear. The upright riding position is actually not as bad as I thought it would be power-wise, though it clearly uses different butt muscles than the road bike judging from soreness I’ve recently experienced after longer rides. I’d ultimately like to convert to a Rohloff 14 speed hub to extend the upper and lower ranges over the Nexus once bank account recovers from the initial blow, but the Nexus is really quite civilized – very quiet & easy-shifting – and is growing on me the more I use it.

Scott Mizée

Wow. Even got Dan to place an ad on your site, eh Jonathan? Good for you! Dan, I’m pleased to see that you were able to work out a deal with someone to be a representative for you here in Portland. I still want my own Bakfiets, but I’ll have to wait a while at this point.